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  1. As I mentioned just a few posts above (people are so good at reading before commenting), for me it's a civil rights issue. Denying them the right to get married sets a precedent for fascism, and for a small select few people in positions of power and influence to dictate how people should live, largely based merely on personal prejudice's. We as a society should not stand for that. Further more, it probably does effect many members on hear personally. We've have several members on here that are openly homosexual. And I'm sure there would be many more who while they may not be gay themselves may have friends or family members who are, and so effects them that way. i should have worded that better. i was referring to people who aren't gay and get all worked up about it. i just ask them "if gay people get married, how will it change your life in any way?" And my answer would be the same, we should not be letting governments and their puppet masters dictate how people live. If they are going to take away someones rights and freedoms then they better have a bloody good reason, a reason based on facts and evidence, not personal prejudice. This is why we should care.
  2. As I mentioned just a few posts above (people are so good at reading before commenting), for me it's a civil rights issue. Denying them the right to get married sets a precedent for fascism, and for a small select few people in positions of power and influence to dictate how people should live, largely based merely on personal prejudice's. We as a society should not stand for that. Further more, it probably does effect many members on hear personally. We have several members on here that are openly homosexual. And I'm sure there would be many more who while they may not be gay themselves may have friends or family members who are, and so effects them that way.
  3. Not attacking your opinion or anything, just curious to know how people come to their conclusions, why do you say "in my mind, marriage will always be between a man and a woman"? Any particular reason?
  4. Yes absolutely, there is absolutely no logical justification for banning it and in the interests of trying to preserve one of the pillars of modern democratic society (i.e. the right to choose how you live so long as you aren't harming someone else or infringing on there liberties) from fascism, it's in our best interests to see it legalized and our law makers held to a higher standard. It's not just a gay issue, it's a civil rights issue, and as such it affects all of us as it sets a precedent for how we operate as a society. so even if people think it's wrong or disgusting, weather your gay, straight, bi curious or have a strange fetish for Japanese love pillows??? people really should support the basic freedoms that would allow them to get married.
  5. we're there for one simple reason. money. there's shit tonnes of opium and lithium that people want to cash in on not to mention the multi-billion dollar government contracts that arms producers and the likes are cashing in on. It's a clear cut case of the Military industrial complex in action. https://www.nytimes.com/2010/06/14/world/asia/14minerals.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0 http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2010/06/massive-afghanistan-lithium-deposit-as-in-batteries-could-alter-us-economy/ http://youtu.be/jl2JQfxnnHU
  6. I was hoping someone would try and make that argument We're not being hypocritical at all, to quote myself... just to reiterate Your free to make your own choices so long as those choices don't cause harm or infringe upon others rights to make their own lifestyle choices. And harming others and infringing on others rights to make their own lifestyle choices is something that organized religions do in spades. From wars to suicide bombings, setting back science and medical research by decades to influencing laws on social issues, trying to censor what people can watch/read/say/listen too, the treating of women as second class citizens and the indoctrination of children. The list just goes on and on and on. Got dragged to a christening on the weekend and damn what a horrifying experience it was. Now that I'm much older and having studied things like sales and marketing extensively (and it's associated areas such as psychology, anthropology, NLP, body language etc), it was easy to spot the manipulative tactics (such as the constant positive reaffirmations and the "get them saying yes" tactics to name a couple) the church uses to indoctrinate young impressionable minds who have yet to learn to be skeptical of what adults tell them. it was paramount to brainwashing. I'm sorry but this is just plain wrong. I challenge anyone to prove that gays getting married causes harm or infringes upon others rights to make their own lifestyle choices. It doesn't hurt anyone. Religion on the other hand....
  7. To me, the issue of gay marriage isn’t so much about gay marriage, it’s about the fundamental principles and ideals of a truly free and democratic society. A society where people are free to make their own choices as to how they live their lives so long as those choices aren’t harming others or infringing upon others rights to make their own lifestyle choices. If government wants to step in and try and ban something or take away the freedoms of a certain group of individuals then they better have a bloody good reason for doing so, a reason based in fact and evidence, one where they can prove said choices are causing harm to others. Simply pandering to the prejudices of narrow minded or ill informed people just to win votes, political donations or cushy job offers for a life after politics is just not good enough and we should be holding our law makers to a higher standard. So even if you think homosexuality is disgusting and wrong, you should still be supportive of their right to choose and standing up for the underlying principles upon which a free society is based. Not doing so and falling into the business of telling others how they should live is a very slippery slope.
  8. Christians and Muslims are the one and only reason why gays are not allowed to marry in most of the 'free' world. GOOD! Im sure not all atheists support gay marriage either. yeah, the confused ones who are all afraid of there own sexuality. Something you want to tell us about yourself George.K Seriously, what logical sort of argument could you make against it.
  9. things that annoy you

    Australia, Australia annoys me... Seriously, WTF is happening to this country???
  10. University

    Well I only went to TAFE not uni, have diploma's in business and digital media. I have mixed feeling about it, on the plus side I think it was good in that it gave me an opportunity to network with different people and it sort of pointed me in the right direction in regards to figuring out the things that I needed to learn. In saying that though, I also feel that the certificates I've got aren't really worth the paper their printed on, experience is far more important to an employer than certificates. And I also feel I have learn't far more on my own (just reading books, tutorials, personal experience etc) then I ever did at TAFE. To people who are currently studying or looking to study, I'd say just don't expect to walk into a good job just because you get some sort of certificate (there's a lot of people out there with uni degrees stacking shelves in supermarkets or working crappy retail jobs and shit) , try to get as much actual work experience as possible and network as much as possible.
  11. And yes, people will still find other reasons to kill each other, but maybe if society can move beyond religion we won't see people being killed for such stupid and nonsensical reasons. You seem to be looking past the fact that people have died over this. Over 30 very real people, people with very real families. And why? Because of some great cause? NO, because of a fvcking youtube video! And it's not the first time it's happened. Real people are dying because of peoples bullshit delusions, I'm sorry but that's just insane and I don't see how anyone can defend it. Religion is bullshit and it's got to go.
  12. Ah, spongeboy. you're back! So have the voices in your head subsided yet? And why exactly can't we discuss this here? Your constantly defending religious types citing they're intitled to there opinions, but we're not according to you. and fan boys? how are we fan boys?
  13. came across this news article yesterday http://www.news.com.au/business/your-business/redundant-the-top-five-jobs-facing-extinction/story-fn9evb64-1226443880276 In the article it claims that those working in IT related fields within Australia will be soon made redundant as more and more companies will apparently outsource these jobs to countries such as India. Personally I don't see it happening (at least not on the scale they're talking about), sure we may see some more trivial tasks outsourced but I don't really think companies would be foolish enough to trust mission critical systems and infrastructure to some Indian firm they found on Odesk... Anyways, for those that work in IT, what do you think? Are all our jobs at risk?
  14. Is there a future working in IT in Aus?

    true, But one would also assume with the changes in IT and more and more companies shifting to things like open source technologies and cloud based infrastructure lots of traditional IT jobs would be getting made redundant, and IT professionals not skilled in newer technologies probably would find it hard to find work these days. And it seems to be a common problem, in speaking to a number of IT professionals for a project I'm involved with, it seems many have never even heard of new technologies like node.js, NoSQL datastores or IAAS services such as AWS. It seems to me a lot of these people are just out of date.
  15. Is there a future working in IT in Aus?

    another story out today predicting doom and gloom for the IT sector, the article itself is the usual news.com.au sensationalistic crap, but what was interesting was reading the comments. Seems to be a bit of a divided opinion, some say there's plenty of work for those with the right skills, others have been laid off and are saying that the IT industry is dead in Australia. http://www.news.com.au/business/worklife/brace-for-a-white-collar-recession-experts-warn/comments-e6frfm9r-1226486009556 It seems it really depends on what area your working in and what skills you have. So what areas do you think the jobs are in in IT and what roles are being made redundant?
  16. for those few that don't know, FUD = fear, uncertainty and doubt, a common political/PR/sales tactic involving putting out false or misleading information to induce fear, uncertainty and doubt into the minds of the public in order to sell a product/policy or idea. It seems that the government FUD machine is in full effect lately, ever since the government opened submissions from the public in regards to their new data retention plan and then received an overwhelmingly negative response, the governments PR teams have been in overdrive pumping out every story they can on how the internet is a dangerous, unregulated and crime fueled place. Everything from Islamic extremists using the social media to organize riots, to rowdy teens organizing out of control parties, trolls being mean to celebrities to pedophiles using twitter to distribute child porn. They are waging a massive campaign to get the great unwashed masses to support things like data retention, new laws against on-line anonymity and even increased police powers to persecute people for "organizing an out-of-control gathering an offence". (http://www.news.com.au/national/organisers-of-out-of-control-parties-could-face-jail-time-under-new-laws/story-fndo4e3y-1226481181361) Most of you on here are probably already aware of this, the reason I am posting this is just to encourage people to let others who might not be so aware, whats really going on and whats really at stake.
  17. The US has a long history of ignoring atrocities unless it somehow affects them, hell even in world war two they were quite happy to sit back and watch Hitler take over Europe for quite a while. All I'm saying is don't expect america to some sort of white night when the shit goes down. Hell the way there economy is going, they might not have the money to fight a war with china even if they wanted too. (not to mention a lot of that money they're borrowing is actually coming from china.)
  18. maybe back in 1974, but not the recent conflict https://en.wikipedia...#US_involvement they sent sweet fvck all for that. Basically the US gave some moral support while other countries did the heavy lifting. The lack of any substantial US involvement was all over the news back in the day.
  19. And where was the US Army on East Timor when we asked them to help? Oh That's right, they couldn't be fvcked because there was nothing in it for them.
  20. Basically it's hacking your phone so that you can use it the way you want. Basically because Apple are a bunch of Nazi's, they try and lock you into only using products/services/apps that Apple approves. Jailbreaking your phone allows you to choose to use what you want to use. Just another reason Apple sucks. Damn sheeples, need to go follow the directions of there apple maps and drive off a cliff.... end rant....
  21. It's not so much the governments that profits but rather weapons manufacturers, defense contractors, construction companies that get paid to go in a rebuild what the US blows up and large companies like Halliburton that really rake in the profits, which is why they secretly lobby governments to prolong wars. Who do you think gets the trillions of dollars the US government spends on the wars each year? For those that say we should stay, what do you think could be accomplished by staying at this point? The original reason for going in there has been accomplished (apparently), Osama, is dead (supposedly) and Al Qaeda defeated (in Afghanistan anyways). What possible reason do we have for staying? Do you really think we are going to institute democracy or some bullshit in Afghanistan? Do you really think anyone really cares if we do? Or is it maybe a little bit more likely that the above mentioned corporations are lobbying to prolong it just that little bit more so they can make just a little bit more money?
  22. honestly I don't think 50% is that high, that's not to say that that 50% would turn to violent fundamentalism in order implement there views. But that they believe there way of life is the right way and that it should be adopted worldwide, I don't think it's a stretch that 50% would believe that. Everybody thinks what they believe is right and that the world would be a better place if the rest of the world would just fall into line and believe what they believe, Muslims, Christians, Atheists, Buddhists. Everybody! Anyways, quibbling over numbers misses the point of the article. The fact is that Islam produces a disproportionate number of violent extremists when compared to other belief systems even if MOST Muslims are peaceful. With no other religion or belief system do you have to worry about such violent reactions to something so trivial. Hell even Muslims have to worry about the violent repercussions from other Muslims because the fundamentalists Muslims don't consider them hardcore enough. In fact the biggest victims of these fundamentalist Muslims is other Muslims! Clearly there is something wrong...
  23. FUD machine in full effect

    I don’t know how many of you old enough to remember the 80’s or the 90’s and remember what it was like back then, and seen the slow and gradual decline from what was once a relatively free country to becoming a nanny state and now well on its way to becoming a full blown police state. Or the mainstream media going from what was a relatively trustworthy source of information to the highly Americanised tool of social engineering it is today (sure there was corruption and dishonesty back then but nothing like it is now). Back then we used to laugh at the idea of things that are considered common place now. We all use to say it’ll never happen. Well we’re eating our words now. As someone who’s been around long enough to see over three decades of change (largely for the worse), believe me when I say it CAN and WILL happen. I’m sure most of the older members will agree with me because they have seen it happen for themselves too many times in the past. And make no mistake, there are many very powerful, wealthy and influential people and organizations who have a vested interest in seeing the internet become heavily censored and regulated. Many groups like political parties, religious institutions and large corporations (particularly in content distribution and retail) view the internet as public enemy number one. They view the free flow of information and ideas and the opportunities that the net creates for a new breed of small innovative entrepreneurs as a huge threat to their empires. And they’re not going to go down without a fight. They are going to throw every resource they have at trying to control the net. And remember politics is a marathon, not a sprint!