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  1. Oh you mean good morals like molesting little boys and covering it up? Or making saints out of people who took money from people who thought they were giving money to help the sick and dying only to have that money used to open nunneries while the sick and dying people they were suppose to be helping are left to die alone in agony on a cold concrete floor because some crazy witch thinks that suffering will bring them closer to god? Or using ones immense wealth and influence to change laws and force your narrow minded beliefs on an unwilling public?
  2. aah i see, you're a dick that is unable to maintain a mature conversation with someone that has differing views to yourself.. too easy bro what would be the point, anyone who actually believes in the fairy tales about a magical space man in the sky without any sort of evidence based facts is clearly not a rational thinker, and you can't really have a rational conversation with an irrational person..... Disagree? Want to prove me wrong? Then put forth some rational arguments as to why anyone should believe in this bullshit! What created the universe?? The big bang is a theory, but what was before that?? And then before that?? there had to have been a point in time where there was nothing.. no space, no matter, no molecules, nothing.. SOMETHING had to have created something for the universe and time to start.. What was that thing?? Atheists seem to believe that it can just 'magically' just appear from thin air, but wait, there was no air, and there was no space or 'area' for that to something to appear into.. I believe that there must be some over bearing power that created 'something' that started the chain events that created the universe.. it might be a lad in a nice white dress with a beard, it might have been a 4 armed dude named Vishnu, i dont know.. But i do know that 'something' can't appear from 'nothing'.. so SOMETHING had to have done something else to help create the universe.. frankly i think thats more rational than atheists believing that the ingredients that made up the big bang just sort of 'appeared'.. LOL. ah the old it's just a "theory" chestnut. sounds like you need some education on what constitutes a scientific theory. 1st thing you need to understand, science (unlike religion) doesn't like to deal in absolutes. Theories are based on all available EVIDENCE available at the time while recognizing that new evidence may come to light in the future that alter said theory. 2nd thing, you need an absolute ass load of EVIDENCE in order to create a scientific theory. It's not like some guy just has an idea off the top of his head and all of a sudden it's recognized as a scientific theory. Put it this way, do you believe in gravity? It's still considered just a theory. Now onto your "well someone had to create the universe" argument. The idea that some sort of being must have created everything is certainly plausible, but even if that is true it doesn't make any of the fairy tales put forth by Christianity any more true. How do you make the jump from some being creating the universe to Christianity (or any religion for that matter) being true? What's the correlation between the two? It's specious reasoning. So once again I say, put forth a rational argument for your faith in Christianity/religion.....
  3. aah i see, you're a dick that is unable to maintain a mature conversation with someone that has differing views to yourself.. too easy bro what would be the point, anyone who actually believes in the fairy tales about a magical space man in the sky without any sort of evidence based facts is clearly not a rational thinker, and you can't really have a rational conversation with an irrational person..... Disagree? Want to prove me wrong? Then put forth some rational arguments as to why anyone should believe in this bullshit!
  4. What the fvck???????????? The bible to advanced?????????? It is quite possibly one of the worst written books in history, if little school kids handed that piece of shit in they'd fail, and so they should!!!! It is nothing but contradictions, double standards and completely implausible fairy tales being passed off as fact. not to mention there is not one credible shred of evidence to back up any of christianity's claims about events that supposedly took place. http://youtu.be/pvwX45TTlAE and as for you harris
  5. How the hell are we religious nut jobs when Atheism isn't a religion. How is NOT believing in something a religion? Damn straight!!!!!
  6. A few questions..... 1st off WTF?????? are you serious???? Ok now that that is out of the way some questions for the Muslims on the forum 1. How can we trust you? For most westerners I think it's fair to say that we don't know a lot about Islam, and most of what we do know comes from mainstream media or things like the video below, so maybe we're just ignorant. http://youtu.be/Ib9rofXQl6w but how do we know? If what the video says is true about things like Taqiyya, how do we know that you really are a peaceful moderate Muslim and not just deceiving us. This is a legitimate concern for westerners. 2. As an Atheist, I'm also interested to know (and this goes for all religious people not just Muslims), why do you believe in your particular religion? Is it just because that's the way you were raised and you've never thought to question it or were just to afraid to, or is there really some tangible reason that makes you think your religion is the truth? This is something that I really struggle to understand, how seemingly intelligent people capable of critical thought can throw reason to the wind and can put there faith in something despite not only a complete lack of any sort of credible evidence FOR your beliefs, but mountains of evidence to the contrary. For the people defending the bible and Christianity as though it is some how more sane. Maybe whats needed is for Atheists to get organised and start recruiting the way the major religions do. The world will be better for it.
  7. To me it's not so much that there breaking the law that's worrying, it's that they hate us and want to kill us!!!! I think most Australians (and most westerners) generally tend to try and live by the philosophy of 'live and let live', but that only works if everybody kind of believes in the same philosophy, when you have a culture who's philosophy is 'F#ck You, believe what we believe or we'll cut your f#cking heads off!!!", live and let live tends to go out the window. We need to start thinking beyond just today and start thinking what things are going to be like in 50 years time when there's ten times as many of them. Are our kids/grand kids going to be fighting in some sort of civil war in the not to distant future because we failed to realize that two incompatible and opposing ideologies can't peacefully coexist and we failed to act? I hope not. There are undoubtedly many many innocent Muslims out there who have nothing to do with this and just want to be able to go peacefully about there day to day lives, and it's unfortunate that they wind up getting caught up in the middle of this, but the western world really does need to ask the question "by not doing something drastic now, are we setting ourselves up for much bigger problems in the future?"
  8. http://www.readwrite...infographic.php and https://www.eff.org/issues/tpp if you don't like to read. http://youtu.be/cHgySJYZERY and this is kind of dodgy https://www.techdirt...out-hotel.shtml
  9. 3D Printing - A change to the future

    3D printed meat https://mashable.com/2012/08/15/3d-printed-meats-may-soon-be-on-the-menu/#6292914-Nyan-Cat
  10. looks awesome. can't wait for some properly interactive porn Well until Apple tries to claim they invented it and run around trying to sue everyone for patent infringement again.
  11. Samsung v Apple - The Copyright Court case

    I think this video with the CEO of yammer sums up the issues of the US patent system pretty well. http://youtu.be/rSjVTN_g0Jk I think his idea that most technology patents (especially those revolving around code) would be better served by copyright rather than the patent system and that the current system of dealing with things is/will really hurt innovation in the future.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/user/deakinuniversity?feature=inp-tv-jul live on-line Q&A with the PM tomorrow 11am. Give the bitch hell!!!
  13. and just in case you don't know what OzLog is.... p.s. yes, getup sucks, but the video explains it well.
  14. well as expected the PM dodged any questions about OzLog (the governments data retention proposal that is currently up for review), this in turn has pissed off anonymous who in retaliation hacked AAPT to give a demonstration of the problems of storing internet users data. They obtained 40GB worth of customer data, some of which they have released. and then made this video with probably the worst Aussie accent ever... http://youtu.be/HPEM5G08XrI
  15. Wheels Road Safety Campaign

    bah, they tried this years ago, went nowhere. had a big letter writing campaign and everything and all anyone got back was automated response letters. government basically just ignored everyone. Bunch of people tried to start up various lobby groups and things but all anyone ever did was hang out on forums and argue over semantics. nothing wrong with 100 on a dirt road, you city boys just can't drive, that's your problem
  16. Becoming a computer technician

    not sure if it's the same in WA but in NSW you don't really need any formal qualifications or tickets to become a computer tech, you just need to be able to demonstrate that you know what your doing. Got a couple of friends who are computer technicians and they have no formal qualifications. If you need to learn more than amazon, youtube and demonoid (when it gets back up) are your friends... couple of good resources to get started: http://thenewboston.org/ https://www.youtube.com/user/elithecomputerguy https://www.youtube.com/user/newegg http://www.tomshardware.com/ http://www.anandtech.com/ But as TheApothecary said, if you really want to make money you'd be better off getting into networking / programming / web development. Again a formal education isn't necessarily a necessity.
  17. for those of you who haven't heard, Telstra has just been busted spying on there customers (if your with telstra that means YOU!!!) internet use and sending that information to a Canadian company that develops internet filters for some of the worlds worst dictatorships, in a partnership to develop new filtering software for Telstra customers. Telstra did not notify any of it's customers about this massive privacy breach. despite the massive privacy breach and the most probably illegal behavior of Telstra, there is pretty much no coverage in the mainstream media (not surprising) and our beloved communications minister has been completely silent on the issue. for more info http://whirlpool.net.au/ and the forum discussion http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=1892148
  18. how is this not news?

    ^^But they find time and space to cover stories like the heated butter-knife.
  19. Just to keep everyone in the loop, over the past few days the government has started making some moves to sneak in some rather nasty pieces of legislation while it thinks the Australian public is not paying attention or lost interest. This include increasing snooping powers for police and asio, data retention, ACTA, making it illegal to refuse to decrypt data when requested as well as the new recommendations for isp level web filtering, correction: censorship. some light reading if you want to no more: http://www.zdnet.com..._30032012_fea_3 http://www.itnews.co...mendations.aspx http://www.itnews.co...-retention.aspx http://delimiter.com...illance-powers/ http://www.itnews.co...-misplaced.aspx http://delimiter.com...-participation/ http://delimiter.com...llance-upgrade/ http://news.smh.com....0504-1y419.html http://www.theage.co...0508-1y9vr.html anyways, spread the word and let people know whats going on
  20. picked america, they've got the hotter chicks, asian-american chicks are much hotter than asian chicks from asia. And on the economic front, as technology advances over the next 10 to 15 years we'll have to rely less and less on outsourcing cheap labor in manufacturing to china in favor of more automated and mechanized business/manufacturing practices, so I don't think there will be a huge long term benefit in aligning with china.
  21. The only problem with that is with Abbott and his cronies expecting a landslide win, they've been secretly gearing up for workchoices 2.0... There have been a couple of stories over the past few months where various liberal ministers have been carrying on with crap like how the minimum wage is unfair to the unemployed and deceasing there chances of finding work (reading between the lines, they want to scrap the minimum wage) or things like how reducing the minimum number of hours an employer can have someone work a shift down to 90 minutes because they claim it will benefit students and increase productivity. bottom line, where gunna get fvcked over royally no matter who wins...
  22. Evolution Vs. Creation

    And if Adam and Eve only had two sons, and Christianity teaches that incest is a sin, where did anyone come from for that matter? luckily there is this place to provide all the answers.... http://creationmuseum.org/ And yes that is a real place, no seriously it is. p.s. I've noticed a few people ranting on about how evolution doesn't/can't disprove the existence of god etc etc... Well neither science nor religion can disprove the existence of the flying spaghetti monster for that matter. So that's a pretty f$cking weak argument. Further more, you don't need to disprove the existence of 'god' to disprove religion. Religion does that itself with the complete lack of any sort credible evidence to support its claims of historical events that it claims has happened in contrary to the mountains of historical and scientific evidence that says that it didn't. By now I think there really is enough data to show these events didn't happen, it's all made up, and call bullshit on religion once and for all.
  23. Nice to see a politician in this country propose a changes to a law that actually makes sense and gives people rights for once instead of taking them away.
  24. stumbled upon this http://technologygateway.nasa.gov/media/CC/lenr/lenr.html and http://www.grc.nasa.gov/WWW/sensors/PhySen/docs/LENR_at_GRC_2011.pdf so the short version is that apparently NASA and a few other scientists around the world have been playing around with cold fusion ( or Low-Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR)) and apparently it works and could completely revolutionize how we create energy. (could kinda suck for our coal mining industry through ). There's also this thing called E-Cat by this dude called Andrea Rossi which is sort of the same thing but I haven't read up on to many details about this yet. Should be interesting to see how this plays out.