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  1. ^eats yeast infections as for play
  2. ^doesnt actually like cheese
  3. Mate keep an eye out on Gumtree. I found parts of my mates car (stolen) on there and the cops are very helpful when you can point them in the right direction.

    Thanks to those who sent me PM's All information has been passed onto a friend at the MT Druitt proactive unit. The information has lead to a few people in the Bidwell area (due to there own stupidity) and they are very happy with the progress.
  5. NSW Sydney Luddenham Raceway

    No approval from council at this stage but some motorsports fans with deep pockets are pointing the owners in the right direction.
  6. done

    I have always been a big fan of the 300zx... Im looking forward to seeing all progress... Best of luck buddy
  7. Who's doing Tough Mudder 2013?

    Im planning on doing the one up here in NSW Im really looking forward to it!
  8. National park crash SAT 20/10/2012

    I ride through there every couple of weeks and it really makes you feel sick in the guts thinking about that sort of stuff happening. Just plain stupid!
  9. Command & conquer The Ultimate collection

    Shakey thanks for the heads up on the CNCNET site... just downloaded RA
  10. 11seconds in... Inboard Cam Tarzan Yamada
  11. Australian Defence Force info

    I did my YOU session at least 6 months ago now, got all of my preferences plus more... I finally have my assessment day first week of April, looking forward to it.... Has anyone done the assessment day for firefighter in the RAAF? Cheers
  12. we had a wicked room last night!!! some good games were played...
  13. i was having a great time with the game that you guys started today, till 5 minutes after when my family got home... they fu*k with my internet...