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  1. Joeys R33 4 door

    Hey All Some of you may have followed my old S14 zenki drifter build, that I became soft and gave up on Nah actually I bought a House, had a baby and now work around 3mins from home. So I decided a Daily driver/drifter is more suited to my needs and the comodore Im currently using daily makes me want to stab myself daily . So the S14 is to be stripped/parted/sold whatever, I just want my garage back lol The new car that will fill its place is a R33 4 door, which I found for sale for a very good price, although I had to buy it unseen and have it delivered so I was kind of afraid of what it turns out like. All I knew was that is a series 1 rb25det manual, gunmetal gray, has paint fade(whos cares, I plan to hit shit) and has a ugly front bar. So how bad could it be???? It arrived today, I checked it out, took it for a drive around the block, Yay I didnt explode so far, win So by the quick look Ive had its actually very clean, interior is very clean, seats are perfect,carpet has no rips and apart from the dash which has guages jammed in it, on it, around it nothing I cant fix. The body is straight apart from one shopping style dent and the paint fade on the roof and boot it looks good except for the obvious front bar which I have already removed Now I need a bumper The rb25 sounds healthy, runs smooth and dosent blow smoke oh and 160psi across the board, more win but all good things have to come to an end, the gearbox drives fine but has what appears to be a noisy input shaft bearing, its not too bad as I have a spare gearbox from the s14 and its a easy fix aswell, which i will do when I put a clutch in. it also has a few extras, splitfire coils full 3in 5zigen exhaust tein coilovers 17in rims of some description alloy rad a intercooler, in the boot not fitted now im going take whatever I can off the s14 and fit to this and then front bumper and rego then time to see how it slides Mod list so far 3in exhaust Trust intercooler Hypergear high flow Microtech lt16 Intank Walbro Surge and Bosch 044 Splitfire coils Alloy rad Hicas lock bar Camber arms Caster rods Tein coilovers ha ( s**t ) now driftworks CS2 Dished steering wheel Assortment of rims Work vsxx front rims - gone R33 GTR rims Remote mount oil cooler Jdi knuckles Tuned at pits performance, 210rwkw 14psi, stock injectors And lots of little boring mods As it sits now and the s14 hiding in the garage
  2. Joeys R33 4 door

    Hahaha yeah there everywhere now. Seem to have become cool :/ Yeah joel, just shoot me a text
  3. Joeys R33 4 door

    Entered japnats, did more skids, was fun
  4. Who has a 370z?

    I worked at nissan for years and the 370z feels completly different to drive then the 350. Much more planted, smoother and also feels like it has much more go. we set one up for my old boss to do some tarmac rally stuff and it was fairly competitive with just good tyres, good pads and a exhaust(although stupid loud and it was a auto/tiptronic) the funniest thing with the auto is on down shifts using the paddles it would blip the throttle to give it a smoother, quicker shift and with the exhaust it makes you look full race or like a complete f**k head every down shift haha. would choose the 370 over a 350 for sure. The only thing I remember not really liking is how the doors/body/waistline is so high. So you always feel like your sitting really low trying to look over the massive bonnet. But thats a fairly minor, picky thing that you would adjust to fairly easily
  5. Im from nsw too but only just nsw haha should enter silvieson, theres plenty of spots left for the sunday drift
  6. Ive entered for the sunday drifting so I will be there
  7. Joeys R33 4 door

    No idea how to make them work here anymore haha its just a few runs from a mates go pro from when his car was out of order - EDIT ----- I made it work, farrrk yeah And a pic, now with centre caps \(^-^)/ thanks spotman
  8. -- R33 GT-R Vspec ORIGINAL BODYKIT! --

    What bling said. Also the skirts mount differently between gtr and gtst.
  9. Joeys R33 4 door

    Haha yeah I put them to good use. I really need to get a good collection of skid rims. Thanks for lending them to me The other angle of the previous screen shot
  10. Driveway problems

    Just continue doing what your doing, hopefully in time it will wear the concrete(or your car) to a point it wont touch anymore. Me personally, I just turn my music up real loud when I get near driveways. So far its working But seriously, theres not much you can do. Its one of those things we learn to live with
  11. Joeys R33 4 door

    Got it out of the garage And did some skids Was a good day

    Well just keep this thread update with details if you decide to do it. I basicly live right inbetween tweed and byron

    If there is a bit of notice and its around tweed-byron area im keen for a meet. Be nice to put some faces to the names
  14. blingys SR20 R33 4 Door. quick build before matsuri

    I saw them pop up on facey
  15. blingys SR20 R33 4 Door. quick build before matsuri

    Nice work bling good to see its out and drifting ^-^ I had a few of the same probs as you, ive basicly got mine sorted now. Front end grip used to be so shit, extended front control arms made a massive difference and with the benefit of wear front tyres reasonably evenly now. But with extended control arms, low and a little bit of fitment your guards will get destroyed, its just the way the r33 front swings, I havent found a way to stop it yet haha Also whats your w/a settings?

    Looks good teezn, its so pretty under there ^-^ Haha at the thread revival, all I check on here now is my reply topics My r33 has had a few changes since last time I was here. Mainly rim change and some more suspension tweaking/changes for the drift
  17. Joeys R33 4 door

    The spoilers are super hard to find. But there off the impul r33 4doors My wheel sizes are 17x9 +17 front and +20 rear. But it all depends on setup and camber settings. I have nearly zero rear camber and cant really go any wider and im only using 215/45s The front I can fit 17x9 +0 but at this height it catches the guard when turning so 17x9 +15 is about perfect for me. I also have 15mm extended front control arms
  18. Joeys R33 4 door

    From this To this To this
  19. Stretch Tyres in Brisbane ?

    Easy stretch. Both those places will do it fine
  20. Stretch Tyres in Brisbane ?

    How stretched? Go jdm garage or hacketts tyres
  21. Joeys R33 4 door

    Hey joel, give me a call during the day and I will go checked out your car to sort out your gearbox issue for you Ok new things with the car.... hmmmmm Well I did stuff and went driving, was fun Also rims should be getting painted and then hopefully the car goes in to get the fade and bumper painted But drift days are calling so we will see which way my money goes
  22. blingys SR20 R33 4 Door. quick build before matsuri

    I dont care whats under the bonnet as long as you stick to this
  23. Joeys R33 4 door

    It seems like people like silver And they are going silver-ish Im just waiting till these tyres are finished (I have some time off work now, so maybe boxing day they will be) and then I will paint the centres up and fit some tyres. the current colour has sort of grown on me frenchie but im not really a fan of dark wheels. May as well do a little bit of a update. I drove this around a couple of times last week and it was feeling a little strange in the rear, like my wheelalign was out. So I jacked it up and checked it over. I found one of my rear toe arms/tie rods (hicas rear end with lock bar) had come loose. So I thought while I needed to re adjust them I might check how much thread is left holding it all together. Because its lowered quite a bit and I have adjusted my camber along way out I had to keep winding toe out. Turns out it was held with 2 threads, that could of got nasty So I did a little measuring and stuffing around and I worked out that standard r33 front tierods are the exact same inner and outer thread and 10-15mm longer and I have a spare pair So they are going in at the moment and im trying to sort out getting some camber back out. Hopefully back down to around 0.5degrees and trying to stop tyres rubbing, which a hammer should solve
  24. Joeys R33 4 door

    Haha well now we wait to see if there can be a tie breaker vote.