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  1. A few parts for sale

    Hi there, Ceramic coated stainless steel low mount manifold for SR20DET in good condition - $120 R33 GTST rear calipers and rotors - $200 Cusco A31 Cefiro front strut brace - $100 Contact 0422 140 579
  2. looking for stock s13 turbo manifold. Cheers.
  3. Make : NISSAN 180SX Transmission : Kilometres : 110000 Price : $9,900 Condition : Used My Type X is up for sale. Original black top non-vct sr20det engine, ecu and turbo I have rarely driven this car in the last 4 years of owning it as it was my weekend car. Never been to the track. Never been defected. Well taken care of. Very reliable. Paint is average a few little scratches nothing major but everything else is in great condition with very clean interior Serviced every 5000 - 6000kms using quality synthetic oil, always used 98 octane BP Utimate, all belts, front main seal and rocker cover gasket replaced recently. Minor mods have been taken care of. Mods include: Greddy spec LS front mount intercooler kit 3" Turbo back exhaust with Kakimoto cat back Moon Face Racing adjustable coilovers S14 5 stud conversion with S14 front brakes and abs Whiteline front and rear adjustable sway bars Adjustable rear camber and rear toe arms Adjustable Caster Rods Cusco front strut brace Rear strut brace Rays Gram Lights 57S wheels 17x8.5, 17x9.5 New rear subframe bushes Heavy duty clutch with braided clutch line Walbro 550hp fuel pump Engine damper Rocker Arm Stoppers HID Kit 6000k LED parker lights Blitz electronic boost gauge Oil temp/pressure, water temp gauges Pioneer mp3 player Sound Stream 6" front speakers GENUINE ENQUIRIES ONLY.
  4. Civic fuel economy

    my ek gli hatch gets about 450-500kms per tank. mods are pod filter, 17x7 wheels with 215/45 tyres and 12" sub and amp.
  5. probably broken spot welds as R32GTRS has stated. just changed it with another s13 pedal, can be found for like $20 and your good to go. or you can chuck in a nismo pedal which is stronger
  6. That was me man. It's really not that clean when you see it up close lol Type X boys ftw! lol
  7. I've got an original type x key with central locking. Although you can't be more than 1m away from the car for it to work.
  8. Type X streeter

    yeah, that's true. I'll probably change it later on sometime.
  9. Type X streeter

    found a non-hicas rear cradle, cleaned it up a bit and installed Max solid bushes thanks to bling's guide on bush removal.
  10. Type X streeter

    thanks for the comment. next up is swapping rear cradle with a non-hicas one, solid bushes and get the diff shimmed.
  11. ABS on 180

    i had no problem with the abs sensor when i did a s14 5 stud conversion on my type x.
  12. My 180sx with Rays gram lights