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  1. Soundwave 2010

    im pretty keen to see meshuggah, anvil, anthrax and whitechapel.. faith will be awesome aswel.
  2. favourite/most memorable gigs

    22nd nov 09, Opeth at the tivoli in bris.. Probably couldnt of picked a better set list, sound was amazing, everything those guys do is amazing. was front row center plus i got one of axe's drum sticks
  3. Where to buy Band Tee Shirts

    http://www.rockabilia.com/home.php Should have everything your looking for and more
  4. favourite/most memorable gigs

    SW09 was awesome, In flames and all that remains were the highlights for me. same as lamb of god and devildriver.
  5. best bass songs for cars

    threat signal - a new beginning
  6. What are you listening to right now?

    nice. im listening to Mors principium est - Pure Awesome song
  7. What are you listening to right now?

    All that remains - Chiron Gettin pumped for soundwave.....
  8. Who Is the WORST radio "rock" band?

    there all terrible bands, i also think kings of leon should be up there to. one of the most overrated crappy generic radio bands around at the moment.
  9. Soundwave Festival 09

    yeah ill be at the brissy show, keen for all that remains, lamb of god, in flames and devil driver. wich is good coz there all on the same stage pretty much one after another
  10. graduation songs

    pretty much everyone uses that crappy green day song... we thought we would do something different and used Frantic by Metallica. "if i could have my wasted days back, would i use them to get back on track"
  11. Lyrics that bother you

    the killers "i got soul but im not a soldier" that just makes no sense what so ever
  12. Fear Factory

    i f**king love threat signal, Under reprisal is a wicked album. i think they have a similar sound to In Flames. Counterbalance just gets my pumped up, and so does one last breath, awesome songs.
  13. What artist/band do you DESPISE!

    That song is awesome!! He has a sweet voice... Didn't expect that from the lead singer of Slipknot Alot of people dont, you will find a lot of metal singers that scream actually can sing really well to. alot of people just jump to conclusions and say "well he screams so they must be shit" Listen to vermillion pt 2 by slipknot. or even Stonesour - bother
  14. What artist/band do you DESPISE!

    +1 for mudvayne being awesome. the dig filmclip rocks. when i saw them live there were ppl there with there face painted like the singers. it was awesome