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  1. Howdy Fellas, I Have a bunch of random parts sitting at home.... from my previous cars, as i no longer own a Nissan S-Chassis anymore =( One day i will be back. I have the following: white line front adjustable sway bar with links / d bush =$200 white line rear solid 22mm sway bar with d bush (No Links) =$150 Gktech radiator cooling panel to suit s15 = $20 DW300 Fuel pump (NEW in box) =$150 Gktech rocker arm stoppers (new) = $40 180sx Typex stock ECU J4 =$20 Gktech extended oil sump = $100 Gktech front castor support bar to suit S15 or S14. = $30 Stock s15 shocks very good condition came off car @ 60k klms' = $100 Work XD9 - 18 x 9 + 30 and 18 x 10 + 18, Both in Metal Gun Silver pretty much new maybe 1 mark on them. = $1800 Nego (Tyres are 225/35/18 -> tyres have camber wear, tread is roughly 75% and 255/35/18 -> 80% tread) I ran the 18 x 9 + 30 with 15mm Gktech Hub Centric Spacers, can include if you are interested. BBS LM Gold Centre - 17 x 9 + 20 or u can flip the centre peice to give you 17 x 9 + 5 = $2000 Nego (Tyres are rooted) Please pm me for pictures as i for some reason cant get pictures uploaded..
  2. Yo guys i've sold my s15 so i need to get rid of all these parts lying in my spare room! They are pretty much new besides a few things that were 2nd hand. I will organise better pictures but at the moment just PM ME and ill shoot you a picture. Haltech Plat Pro for JDM s15 with air temp sensor - $2000 BPP fuel rail Kit + 1200cc injectors - $800 White line F/R sway bars + front sway bar links $300 (front 31mm adjustable rears are solid 21mm) Kakimoto Hyper Fullmega N1+ rev + De cat $600 Unknown Altezza Tail lights $50 R200 1.5way Cusco MZ diff 4.08 ratio - $800 6boost manifold T3 high mount flange with heat wrap $550 tial 44mm waste gate 1bar spring + screamer pipe $250 Custom Vband Dump and front pipe made for anyhigh mount 3inch ext - $150 (Can do a deal with manifold +gate and dump) spec R s15 wing (in white with centre delete - primer sprayed over) Suits respray $200 driver side s15 mirror (Blue) $50 Gktech Rocker arm stoppers $40 DW300 fuel pump - $200 i think there's more but this is roughly off the top of my head. All prices are nego and can deliver interstate providing you pay for costs. Pm Me
  3. wtb 180sx type x

    Any one have a built clean 180sx - willing to travel for the right one. Pm Me please
  4. t3 / 64 / 4 bolt - exhaust housing. 45mm turbosmart external gate installed. for one 270 cams is wayy to big, drop it down to 264 or even poncams. 3082 is pretty outdated turbo, i would look at the gtx3071r in .63 rear if you have the coin. If you want more response i would go split pulse t3 manifold + gtx 30 series.
  5. is that turbo external gated? only because u said .64 rear?
  6. sold

  7. S15 Spec R

    I think i paid $66 inc postage shipped from overseas. The price of flex sensors already landed in aus were almost tripple. damnn, could you link me to where you got it from?
  8. sold

  9. 1997 Nissan 180sx - $12,000

    2014 bro lol - long gone by now.
  10. sold please delete. Thanks

    dude would you swap for a s15+ cash your way lol.
  11. sold please delete. Thanks

    you got pictures of the white one?
  12. S15 Spec R

    how much was ur flex sensor? im planning to go fuel flex aswell
  13. haha okay sweet, was looking at a turbosmart 800.
  14. true that, i'll sort my self out with a new FPR
  15. hey guys wanted to know if any of you guys have fitted one up with the standard FPR ? BPP site doesnt say whether it suits stock fpr or u need a after market one. also how was fitting it up? easy? thanks