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  1. care to elaborate?? im at a loss as to how it can "overheat"? I think he means it would become inefficient once it started to heat soak due to its smaller size, causing air to be not sufficiently cooled. I dont think that would be a problem though maybe on a really hot day. What i dont understand is why not just copy the ARC style of core? why have the tubes go vertical? the ARC kit when it was available was fantastic, the price $2800-$3500 was not lol! But yeah i like the pipe idea as i did when ARC did it but they had a nicer core.
  2. Wreckers dude. the worst thing about fire damage to metal is no matter what you it will always rust. bummer.
  3. Guys im after a set of face 2 GT-c for my MY10 xtp. Being a subie they are 5x100, and im after them in 19 inches. im pretty sure they dont come in an 8 inch width but ive seen them in 19x8.5 so that would do i guess. Im not 100% on offset but lowering the car a far way is on the cards. If anyone can help me or send me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers guys.
  4. starting my 180 build

    my mates running the 2871r with the .86 rear housing on his 180sx. When it hits 22 lbs you better hold the f**k on. Also, just mount it to the stock manifold and have the manifold ported (ground out) for better flow
  5. thats a little too bankstown for a 49k car. i would really rather spend the extra few bucks on some quality coil overs.
  6. Hey guy, cheers for the quick reply. Yeah im sort of swaying towards coilovers. After driving the xt the extra height in the new shape does cause a substantial amount of roll, this is not improved by the soft sus. I think the adjustability of coilovers would be perfect for me, but not knowing much about setting up suspension i would probably look at getting someone to do it for me chris. As i completely agree that coilovers would be no good set up wrong.
  7. Hey guys. Well im sorry to say ive gone over to the dark side. Ive recently purchased an my10 xtp forester that will be hopefully here in december. I was having a flick around the internet and found a few pics of them on their guts and as with most cars, take a few inches out of ride height and it looks the goods. What i want to know though for you suspension gurus is can i take a fair whak out of the ride height with out it bouncing all over the place and crushing my kidneys when i go over bumps? im none too savvy when it comes too suspension so any help would be appreciated. Apology 1 if ive put this in the wrong secion. apology 2 for not buying nissan Cheers. James
  8. 20B S15

    I disagree, chuck a whole lot of money at you and Im sure you'd still be a wanker. Any more updates on this beast in the making? I dont touch my own dick, thats what your mums here for faggot.
  9. 20B S15

    Putting a car build like mine up was always going to get mixed reactions. It would be stupid of me to also think that all would be positive. I understand what you are saying if the car was rare or some sort of collectors item, but S15s are so common these days that its not a big deal unless you see a highly modified one. I dont believe I 'chucked my S15 in the bin' by doing what I am doing, just further travelling with a build that others have not. End of the day, if I wanted to have an S15 identical to what I had it would now be hard for me to do. The car is not 'wasted', it is being built with a purpose in mind, very similar to purpose built drift cars that are more the norm on this site. I prefer drag racing to drifting so hence why I am doing what I am. On another note, the car is not tubbed yet so I will not be able to get any pics up of the wheels under the guards. Once I get up to that stage I will upload some. Hey mate. Sorry i probably should have been more specific. I look at a car like yours, as it was and it was a good example of how an s15 should be built. I look at all these wankers chucking 19inch taiwanese wheels on them and then wrapping them around poles and i think what a waste! Now i think you "wasted" your car because you could have got an unregistered shell or a car that was a write off and used that, seeing as it mostly going to be a drag car and from the mods you described it will be usless on the roads. I just figure why wreck a perfectly good registerable vehicle?
  10. Blocking stock BOV

    willis are f**king kidding dude? so many dodgey f**ks out there. Why not just jam a battery in there? To block the hole go to a hose supplier and get a hose block off piece for it, they are like $5 and this is there purpose in life. to be useful. lol coke bottle lid.
  11. 20B S15

    another perfectly good s15 chucked in the bin. I love how everyones like good work man sick, but you can do anything if you chuck enough money into it. Its not like you found a cure for a disease or something. Not to rain on the brown nose parade as i hope all goes well for you but personally i think it was a waste of a good registered car.
  12. Aquarium Chat Thread

    Ive got a 8x2x2 in my lounge room. it has 10 monoculus and 20 metyniss in it. i also have a 5x2x2 a 6x2x2 and 2 4x2x2's ive alwats kept fish. here is a link to some older videos of my 8x2x2. im hoping to sell it and get a 10x4x3 for the lounge room by years end. watch in HQ
  13. bah haha, a man after my own heart.
  14. luxury watches

    haha, i cant believe this thread is still going. NICE I totally understand people who are not into watches not understanding why people love them so much. But when i wear an expensive watch im aware that ive got it on. I think anyon ewho does understand the love for and expensive quartz watch understand the detail and immmaculate refinement that goes into making a time piece. I have a few nice watches, as i posted previously my day to day watch is armani, it beautiful but standard mechanical movement and aramani are made in china i got my best mate a tissot for his birthday and i think they are the best watch under a grand. Just read that back, i said understand alot. hehe. drunk. like a school girl.
  15. P.S softy burns are the worst dude, they hurt for f**ken ages. That looked like it got infected bro would have cained. nice work though.