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  1. Samsung Galaxy S II

    Yep! The Dev thread (with downloads and known issues): http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1410400 The general chat/ support thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1419102 As I mentioned, there are some missing features, and they won't be included until Samsung release ICS kernel sources. But it's still a great rom, and there's no way I'm going back to Gingerbread! I'm running an old build from the other week that's no longer listed in the dev thread. Interesting. I might have a read and try the latest build, myself!
  2. Samsung Galaxy S II

    Meh, forget them. I've been running Cyanogenmod 9 (proper ICS) for the last 2 weeks and it's amazing! It's missing some little things. Youtube vids aren't hardware accelerated, so the colours are a little funny, and USB storage is a little iffy. Other than that, it's near perfect and the battery life is phenomenal! If you can live without hardware accelerated video, it's well worth the upgrade.
  3. Samsung Galaxy S II

    Yeah, there are 2 "leaks" out already (XXKP1 and KP2), but they're incredibly unstable, apparently. Not good for a daily driver. Because of how crap they still are, most people are predicting March at the earliest. There's also an AOSP build going now. The Cyanogen team have pulled the pin on active development until Samsung's official source code and drivers have been released, but this guy reckons he can sort out most of the issues. He's currently working on the latest kernel, which is expected to fix the microphone (the only thing stopping calls from being made from ICS), but possibly introduce other bugs. We'll just have to wait and see, I guess. http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1402431 Personally, while I don't mind the Touchwiz framework additions to Gingerbread on the SGS2, I really want vanilla ICS.
  4. The Android thread

    Yeah, I picked up a couple of apps the other day. Soundhound and Paper Camera, just for the hell of it. I wouldn't have paid full price for either, but 10c is a good deal in anyone's eyes! The 2nd lot of 10c apps are up today. I got Reckless Getaway, and will grab Talking Tomcat for my son to play with on the tablet. He loves the free version.
  5. work is giving me a phone, what one to get?

    Out of that selection, it's a no-brainer. Get the Galaxy S 2.
  6. Samsung Galaxy S II

    Second stop, uninstall shitty FB app and install Friendcaster Pro!
  7. Samsung Galaxy S II

    If he's not the techy type, I'd stick with a stock rom and install the Siyah Kernel. http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1263838 Unlike the original SGS, the SGS2 is incredibly smooth out of the box, runs the Ext4 filesystem (no lagfix required), and Touchwiz 4 is pretty cool, but replacable. In other words, there's no real reason to change the rom unless you like the tweak things or want to remove the carrier branding. It also means that if he really wants to use Kies, he still can (although I'd hope you'll do everything you can to recommend he doesn't! ) The Siyah kernel is an all-in-one beast that's compatible with pretty much every rom available on the SGS2. It's got all the main features custom kernels offer, and it's stable.
  8. Samsung Galaxy S II

    To be honest, probably neither. I just switched back to a Samsung-based custom rom after going with MIUI/ CM7 for the last few months, and ICS isn't ready yet. CM7 is great and all, but it really doesn't take advantage of the SGS2's hardware because of the missing Samsung framework. The camera's worse, and battery life is a mixed bag. I'm running the Batista70 Foxhound rom at the moment (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1162715) and it's pretty good. Full Samsung compatibility, heaps of tweaks, brilliant battery life, the ability to overclock, Backlight notification, extended power menu, CRT screen off, customisable AOSP lockscreen, and customisable Touchwiz 4.5 (which actually makes Touchwiz 4 nothing short of brilliant!). Personally, that's the direction I'd go. Especially for a new SGS2 user.
  9. TES V: Skyrim

    I downloaded a dodgy copy because I'd never really given the Elder Scrolls games a chance, and Reddit won't shut up about the damn game. It was too much of a gamble to spend money on it blindly when there are so many great new releases I don't own yet. So yeah. I got a couple of hours into the game and came to the realisation that I pretend to care about other people's problems and solve them at work for 12 hours a day. Why the hell am I doing it in a video game? Am I missing something? Is there anything more to these games than coming across randoms who proceed to unload all their shit onto you to sort out? Mind you, I got the same vibe from Fallout 3 when I tried that, so I guess this style of RPG isn't suited to me. It's very pretty, though.
  10. Galaxy S - from July 1st peoples

    I'm just gonna drop this here for those of you with a Galaxy S who like custom roms: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0h1kPbCAwM Here I was getting all excited about how quick the progress is on the Galaxy S 2, and the original Galaxy S actually has a pretty decent semi-working rom already! It's missing video hardware acceleration, camera and external SD card, though. These would be due to missing hardware drivers, which will be hard blanks to fill. But still, for those who are interested in getting the latest and greatest on their phone, it's something to keep an eye on! The link to the XDA thread is in the video description.
  11. Holy crap that's cheap. I have no immediate use for a VPS, but I'm thinking I should sign up for one and I'll find a use for it later!
  12. Samsung Galaxy S II

    Definitely! My parents both have Galaxy S phones and it's amazing how dated they feel compared to the SGS2! Although, if I were to buy a phone now, I'm not sure if I'd still get the SGS2 or wait for the Galaxy Nexus. I gotta admit, in the SGS2's favour, I do like Touchwiz 4 a lot (more specifically, "Touchwiz 4.5", a tweaked version from a few devs on XDA). Alpha 4 of ICS is up. The devs from XDA got their own domain to keep track of progress now. http://www.sgs2ics.com/ And the video:
  13. Samsung Galaxy S II

    ICS is bootable on the Galaxy S2! Well, it was when the ICS SDK was released, but they've got the interface loading properly with hardware acceleration and so on now. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwWw0Ec3whE As you can see, the touch screen isn't working correctly yet, and phone/ wifi drivers haven't been adapted. There are a few different teams working on the port, not to mention the Cyanogenmod teams getting started on CM9. The thread on XDA can be found here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1347753 I'm not getting involved with the coding and tweaking this time around. Just gonna wait until they've got it stable before I flash.
  14. Phuket/Thailand

    Bugger, you get up there the day after I leave. I coulda had a beer with you and fixed all the crap on your phone in person! Holy shit, my trip starts tomorrow! (Sydney for a few days then off to Bangkok on Monday). I've been doing so much reading on things to do up there that it's all become a little daunting. I'm still debating about going to the full moon party on the 12th. Most of what I'm interested in seeing is in the North, so it would bust things up a bit if I wasted a couple of days travelling south just for a party. Dunno, I guess I'll work it out when I get there.
  15. Thailand, Laos and Cambodia

    I get the Bangkok on Tuesday morning for a 1 month trip around the country. Just trekking around on my own and making it up as I go, kinda counting on the fact that there'll be plenty of people to meet once I get up there. I booked the 1st 3 nights accommodation in Bangkok and that's it. Nothing else has been planned or booked except that I wouldn't mind getting to the Full Moon party on the 12th Oct, or at least the Half Moon party on the 20th. I was gonna do Laos and Cambodia as well, over a 2 month period, but work wouldn't let me have holidays that long and I didn't wanna try to squeeze it all into a shorter holiday. I've never been up there, but everyone I know who has been to SE Asia says I'm doing it right by cutting out the others for now. I'll do the surrounding countries some other time when I have a long enough break to take everything in properly. Flights are very reasonable, so there's no reason why I couldn't. If I find anything interesting to check out, I can post back here for ya.