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  1. Things to do before you die.

    I can't find it lover. Can you send me another one?
  2. Things to do before you die.

    I love you Phee.
  3. The WTF do we call it thread

    Bitches. Thought I would come for a look ... hi Pervy!
  4. You can make photo chops of our members and post them up if you like ...
  5. Christ. This is amusing.
  6. what have you eaten today?

    Breakfast - 2 cups of green tea, 1 piece of gluten free toast with hummus + 1 apple. Lunch - Lettuce, spinach, green capsicum, tomato and chicken salad + soda water. Plus about 4 more cups of green tea in between.
  7. What do you look like?

    From the weekend. On the right.
  8. My ex found these photos in my phone that a guy had sent me previously when we were seeing each other. It wasn't like I meant to keep them, they were just pretty to look at. I am never careful with texts either. I have had people send me suggestive texts when I am in a relationship and even though I may not have written back to them I don't delete them straight away. I have never looked through a partner's phone so I guess I don't expect them to. I have never cheated on a partner so I have nothing to hide. The people that go around deleting thing's have something to hide.
  9. BAWT 16 - The Long Drop

    Why not just give up. The poor girl prob does not even want your cock up her arse. If it means that much to you then break up with her and go find someone that loves it.
  10. BAWT 16 - The Long Drop

    Slink. Either your gf does NOT want it up the arse or ..... You are the most retarded person at f**king I have ever met. Like. Unless she is lying on her back I really can not see how you can not make it work. I had a bf whose cock was over 18cm long who had a crack without permission and I had never even had so much as a finger up my butt and he still managed to have some level of sucess even though it was the worst surprise I have ever had. I am guessing your cock is is no where near that so I think you are just retarded. I dont want to hear about you and wanting anal anymore.
  11. BAWT 16 - The Long Drop

    I am just to jealous and possesive.
  12. BAWT 16 - The Long Drop

    Well played I thought you'd wanna have loud sex to piss of your room mate that always does it to you. Would be great payback. Phee - Nice I have a tv in my room and the other night I was watching "Secret Diary of a Call Girl". I turn it off and hear my housemate f**ken moaning. So I turn it back on and like blast the tv as loud as it would go. This was at about midnight. Lol. Haven't heard them since.
  13. BAWT 16 - The Long Drop

    The same guy I sent the photo to last night sends me a text at 5 am this morning. It says, How would you like to be f**ked at 5 am I write back, Quietly. Lol. F*ck that. My boobs will grow when I have kids anyway. Mum was the same size as me before she had kids, now her boobs are fantastically massive and awesome. I am also aware fantastically is not a word. As soon as I saw fantastically I was like, what a f**king great word.
  14. BAWT 16 - The Long Drop

    I love how you are so honest about this shit... No use pretending, one day you would all meet me and realise it anyway lol.
  15. BAWT 16 - The Long Drop

    I would have a boob job any day of the week. I bought this shampoo + conditioner last night, it was called "Self Absorbed". Made for me.