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  1. For sale xd9 work emotions

    Pm me if these are still for sale
  2. Supra TAKE 2

    coilovers in superdrager and cutsom 3" front pipe on (just a little loud) selling strut brace as its not clearing the current motor 2jzgte being tested before being sent moving to syd (when i find a house to rent) to start work as a heavy vehicle mechanic wheel centers put together and fitted about to install the new spark plugs cant wait for the new motor to go in
  3. Supra TAKE 2

    wheel centres painted trd strut brace im going to sell then the dog wanted to play lol the 2 girls
  4. Supra TAKE 2

    yeah i dont like the bonnet much either but will have to do till either a genuine dry carbon item is sourced or a stock alloy bonnet is painted haha yeah just had a look at the rear wheels and cant fit the rear with spacers (studs are to short) but my painter also forgot to role my guards so not exactly happy about that but anyway just trying to reduce the gay of the wheels till i fit something decent sorry about image quality iphone
  5. Supra TAKE 2

    not soon enough
  6. Supra TAKE 2

    front lip still needs to be fitted and painted and black mesh installed in bonnet
  7. Project S13 - Supersprint/Time Attack

    nice s13 mate im aiming to get the supra around wakefield in 1.06 but have to finish it first
  8. Supra TAKE 2

    off to the booth in the booth front lip still needs to be painted
  9. Supra TAKE 2

    cheers mate its been getting painted for 6 months now lol
  10. Supra TAKE 2

    in need of the rear trims as they didnt come with the stock side skirts (like they were supposed to) tossing up between using the trd bonnet or swapping it to a stock item any opinions? also now after a gte long motor
  11. Supra TAKE 2

    skirts have been fitted after the sills sprayed ect trd wing test fitted also