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  1. username change request

  2. username change request

    hey can i please be changed to KEBAB_DRIFTER cheers mick
  3. Awesome music vids

    i saw that uncut prodigy clip last night , we have a winner
  4. Whos who in newy

    cheers boys , house mate owns a 180 and is getting into drifting so im deff keen to start drifting yeah xr6 has around 450rwhp its fun in a straight line but it feels big and heavy r32 is pretty much stock atm but going to be very jdm and flush shortly!
  5. Whos who in newy

    hey guys , my names mick long time lurker i own a xr6 turbo but trying to off load it atm because i bought a r32 gtst i kno this is a silvia forum but hey im not biased a great car is a great car no matter what the badge or model keen to see you guys and girls around cheers
  6. NIGHT CRUISE........! April 2nd UPDATED>>!

    wasnt a bad cruise , i was there on the 250cc across , althou every one went past sugar loaf i ended up heading up the hill to enjoy the view
  7. Sumo13 Rebirth

    looking good , just a tip dont paint your engine block black makes it harder to see anyleaks
  8. Phuket/Thailand

    hook us up jay
  9. Female only floor in hotel

    Thats gold , lets you know what level to sniff around
  10. The Official PS3 Chat and PSN gamer tags thread!

    any one keen for a drift session gt5 tonite?
  11. GT5 PS3 PSN name

  12. The Official PS3 Chat and PSN gamer tags thread!

    thermal paste problem is where your sony will over heat and switch off, does any one play gta? grand theft auto?
  13. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    close enought i was admiring the whole jap theme tidy mate
  14. The Official PS3 Chat and PSN gamer tags thread!

    some one on cod4 has a mulitplayer time played of 175days wow
  15. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    spotted ... josh is it? ER32NA plates 32 4 door at bennets green yesterday i wasnt far behind you on the bypass