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  1. USA Holiday

    Cheers, keep them coming. unfortunately we have no choice in the time of year we are going. plenty of summer in aus anyway.
  2. USA Holiday

    Going to the united states in December/January this year. Any must do/Must see things outside of the usual(or mention the good usual things if you want)? any events or festivals or conventions during this time? obviously the main places vegas, NY, san fran, LA, DC are all on the cards. Potentially a visit to aspen or lake tahoe for some snow. Cheers
  3. Shin Splints

    i have also delt and still get shin splints from soccer. if you felt a pain in the arch of your foot before the shin splints it means your boots do not fit properly and that is the cause (there are other causes though). If new boots or orthodics isnt a option, wear another pair of normal socks under your soccer socks, helps a bit. other things that help: Wear the skins that go over your calf "power socks" i think they are called. They dont help much initially but if you leave them on after playing for a while you wont be in as much pain the next time you play. Ice your shins after playing. Then rub them with voltaren gel as directed on the tube. Dencorub your calfs, shins (where the pain is) before playing. Warm up slowly and stretch your calfs often. Other than taking time off from running/soccer there is not a cure for shin splints. By doing the things above my splints only cause slight pain and it usually goes away after a few min of warming up.
  4. i find it amazing that the currency is based on gold. which is essentially useless mineral that is only valued because of its materialistic status. (ok granted its used in electrical devices but thats not what its valued for)Essentially the whole economic system based on something that people only want because it looks good.
  5. JC Protein Cookies

    id like to order some in perth, how do i do so? send you a pm?
  6. since i started deadlifting i have been getting pretty painful cramps in my lower backs when playing indoor soccer (doesnt hurt during deadlift). it definitely feels like a muscle cramp and not another pain, but im open to other possibilities... any suggestions on a good stretch/warm up for the lower back? anything else i can do to prevent the problem? cheers
  7. The look of power

    with bent over rows do you pull to your stomach or your chest? with elbows tucked in or outwards? any video of correct form? cheers
  8. Verbeek commenting on Socceroos formation

    lol he was prob taking the piss. alot of people have been complaining that Australia dont play with a attacking enough mentality and dont play aggressively enough.
  9. HSD coilovers

    but as far as cheap low quality suspension goes... its the best haha ill be getting some when i save a little more says who? i tend to agree, but seriously, no one actually knows how good they are as anyone with a clue about suspension wouldnt touch the things long enough to be able to evaluate them properly. do you actually have anything to back you up in regards to how bad HSD's are? or do you just assume korean/cheap = bad? whats to say they didnt copy the design of a quality suspension component, then due to cheap labour/no RnD costs they can produce it at a far cheaper price? furthermore they could even be the company that produce components for the well known brands as most stuff is produced in china/korea these days anyway. i am not saying HSD's are good or bad. but until you have proof that they are bad, your just as bad as everyone who says they are good cause they havnt broken after a year.
  10. What does the Global economic crisis

    most "cheap" tyres are about 10-15% more expensive.
  11. Your Favorite Drift Cars..

    the bride 180 with the s14 front was the shit when it came out. cant find any pics and i cant remember who drove it ahah. you all know the one
  12. Your worst

    during a expression session during a comp day i could feel my tyres starting to delaminate but i said to myself "nah one more lap she will be oright" half way through the s's a big bang from my tyres and a large black thing flew past my window smashing my mirror. also took a large chip of paint off my guard and smashed in the rear guard. not to mention the scratches and small chips all over the guard as well. needless to say, now once i feel tyre starting to delaminate i call it a day.

    no WA?
  14. Drift australia down to one round!

    a single championship round where the top 5 or so from each state championship are invited to compete would be the go. that would make for good watching.