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  1. Engine harness, it's the connector that sits next to the injectors loom plug I believe
  2. Yeah it's the same cap that's always been there... Been in and out more than a few times n never seen this issue. Not sure what could have caused it. Gets oil changed regularly, always assembled correctly. Must have picked up abit of crap somehow.
  3. That's what I was thinkin, it's probably not even rubbing on it anymore given the material taken off it. But I'll give it a cleanup just to be sure Yeah it's the right cap.
  4. Hey guys, I'm rebuilding my motor and just came past this damage on my head n cam, anyone seen this before? It's at the back on the intake cam, behind the last cap but no damaged at the cap, just past it. Contemplating cleaning up the head damage with a light die grind so it's not running on the cam anymore and running it. As it sits past the outer cap so it doesn't really support anything or run on it? Thoughts/ opinions? Not keen on getting new head n cams but it's tooo dodgy I guess I'll have to lol Cheers, Phil
  5. E85 Cold Start Settings

    I had a problem with starting my car up in the cold when I had my power fc after gettin tune done on e85... Just up the crankin table so -10 degrees to maybe -50 and +10degrees to like -30, just tinker with those settings n see what works... It's only gonna change the fuel it putting in when cold so not like it's gonna breaks anythin
  6. BN Sports body kit

    No point buying a 2k genuine kit for a track car, just gonna rip it off n bust it up most likely.. Think kmak aero does bn style kits

    Omg....... Why? ....... Just...... Why?
  8. Fabrication Pics Thread

    Here's a few pics of the setup I made for my bandsaw.. Just tighten up the bolts and it clamps the pipe in tight..
  9. Fabrication Pics Thread

    Yeah that was abit of a headache to start with lol... I ended up making a new vice back for my bandsaw with drilled holes and bolt up abit of square tube so that goes inside the pipe and tighten it up and it clamps it against the vice. Abit hard to explain. Might be able to put up a photo of it if you want...
  10. Fabrication Pics Thread

    Not much goin on in this thread lately.. Thought I'd throw up a few pics of some blast pipes I've made up.
  11. S15 apexi power fc

    I have a apexi power fc to suit s15, was tuned for e85, rb25 maf, 1200cc injectors, tdo6. Made 250kw with slipping clutch. Comes with hand controller aswell. Chasing $750 cash. Located in Sutherland shire. Will post for extra $15. Call/SMS Phil 0414913125
  12. Fabrication Pics Thread

    Thanks man, I'd be happy to make you up a set and post them to you... Send me a pm if your interested
  13. FACTORY MANUAL Toyota Soarer Twinturbo 5500ono

    Any idea what the rating is on the towbar?
  14. Fabrication Pics Thread

    Made up some blast pipes and new hanger mounts for my ke