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  1. WTB EVO 8/8MR Front seats

    Hey guys, As title states. Looking for a matching pair of Evo 8 or evo 8 mr seats. Located in vic but willing to purchase from interstate if shipping can be arranged. Cheers
  2. BUMP! Need these gone. They're just sitting in my garage. Anyone interested? Negotiable with pricing
  3. BUMP! I bought a car from the US and it is arriving in 1 month. I need to clear up garage space for the car and would love to free up some cash to pay for the import fees etc. If anyone is interested, I am negotiable. Need to move this stuff on. It's awesome gear. You wont find better. I know the price puts a lot people off because its high end gear. Here is your chance, make me an offer. If it is reasonable, I'll likely take it! Mobile is best to contact me on. 0438302616 Cheers, Pat
  4. Really need the rest of this stuff gone. If anybody is at all interested, I am very negotiable.
  5. Original pics not working. Re-uploaded below
  6. Pics for some reason are no longer working. Re-uploaded below
  7. BUMP Need to move this stuff. Will separate parts. Negotiable on price.
  8. Willing to sell for 12k for everything. Call on 0438302616. New project coming. Need to make room
  9. I am fairly motivated to sell this motor. Negotiable on price, more so if you purchase multiple items. Get in contact with me if youre interested on 0438302616
  10. Topic updated to reflect only the items for sale, as well as new items.