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  1. Anyone know the size of the front swaybar bracket bolt on s13's? Misplaced mine, anyone know where can i get new ones?
  2. S13 A/C Compressor rebuild/replacement

    Have had mine rebuilt, ended up getting a workshop to do it for me it was such a headfk looking for a working replacement compressor. GL
  3. Server Upgrade

    Will you be looking at converting tech write-ups from the threads into centralized articles if you are going down the blog route?
  4. Renault Sport R.S. 01 - Mid Engined GTR

    http://d1vk052imodrb2.cloudfront.net/2016/dailyfix/02-feb/alpine-rebirth/alpine-5.jpg Sorry on phone
  5. Renault Sport R.S. 01 - Mid Engined GTR

    Hopefully we might see a Nissan crossover with the new alpina which should see a more affordable mid engined option? http://petrolicious.com/i-just-witnessed-the-rebirth-of-alpine-sports-cars Looks pretty sexy.
  6. Break in :(

    what area are you in by the way? I've been one to pull the ignition coil for years now.
  7. Spotted this bad boy on Jalop. would love to see a mental road going version of this.
  8. New seat recommendations for 180SX

    go OEM like s15 or gtr seats, bang for buck and better than any china rip off OP seats
  9. Yeah get the same all round . Also if you have the same rims all round you can rotate them now and then. I'm partial to potenzas on a daily streeter, but each to thier own.
  10. why stop there. http://www.everettaero.com/harrier.html
  11. turns out you do get a warranty http://www.milwaukeetool.com/service/milwaukee-warranty/cordless-battery-pack
  12. Would the batteries be covered? Dunno what is generally covered other than the skin. Batteries are a consumable item so they wouldn't be covered. If you read through the warranty agreement it states the set warranty periods for each part. Thanks, will check, you would think tho there would be some kind of guarantee on minimum charge cycles/life of these consumables, they aren't cheap
  13. prolly still my sil, but pretty much resto modded to f**k if i had to choose I would love to build an EV Factory Five racing GTM or 818 with the EV West double motor kit
  14. Would the batteries be covered? Dunno what is generally covered other than the skin.
  15. Any Vapors on NS?

    shelve it, it's the only way to ingest nicotine, you need a mate tho.