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  1. +1. i agree. it's muffin top. but wtf @ gibson!
  2. WTF!?

    yeah that's true. so.. from now on.... i'm going to blame stuff on god to shit people. mum is kinda religious.... next time i'm home i'll walk through the house with muddy shoes or something. i'll blame god.
  3. if i had 3 days to live

    yeah. probably one of the first things i'd do.... sort out finances, and make sure my parents and other people i care about get things. spend a nice day with everyone... and get plenty of photos for them to remember me by?
  4. WTF!?

    Ive been living up from that church for 6 years now! Some of the shit they put up it just plain out bs. eg, the day you believe is the day you live. WTF!? are they trying to say i dont have a life, cuz i would love to prove them wrong im looking at it right now but cant really make out anything. haha yeah. there was some last year that made no sense... they hardly ever do though! i used to look at it all the time (used to walk to and from Isle of Capri and Broad beach) One of them was really wrong. struggling to remember what it said! I remember one said JESUS and there was another sign next to it that said lives... and i was like wtf jesus lives? and back in the day it was always a good laugh when i was pouring petrol....
  5. if i had 3 days to live

    hate to break it to you... but.... ur just f**ked up. don't blame it on retail. retail doesn't deserve it.
  6. epic smoker right here lol

    holy crap. that dude is fail. seriously... what a f**king loser.
  7. Get Into The Olympic Spirit

    how can you say that's not a sport?! :lol:
  8. WTF!?

    ooooh this reminds me of the surfside church at the GC.... across the road from crowne plaza.... they used to ahve so many wacky billboard slogans... i got a few pics of them at home. I agree it's f**ked up... but what normal kid would listen to it anyway? yeah maybe the socks and sandals kids that play christian boardgames....
  9. Colin

  10. Kitchen Appliances at work

    yeah... but there's still gunk. would you drink kettle gunk? it gets a build up of grime or whatever it is. i'm no kettle expert... but i'm also not one for kettle gunk!
  11. Kitchen Appliances at work

    well, i have had several bad appliance experiences. but the most memorable... *when i worked as a Credit Officer at Stoddart Building Products... I was in the kitchen on lunch break At the office ( it was a new building and we had a huge lunch room and kitchen) talking to one of the secretaries. I was about to make us a tea, when we got to talking about how grubby some of the guys in sales were, after one guy left crumbs all over the table.. so then we started talking about the appliances (as women do... lol) and we noticed, that out of all the appliances, the only dodgy one was the kettle.Then i asked... "does anyone clean the kettle?" everyone in the lunch room just stopped and stared. I was like... "so.... no one cleans it then?... or ever has?" The secretary looked at me and said it had been there as long as she had been working there, and was moved from the old office... and to her knowledge no one ever did. Seemed like a scene from a horror movie.. and i swear the jaws theme was going thru my head. Opened up the kettle slowly and peaked... then opened it up more.. AND OMFG! KETTLE GUNK! the kettle had some weird fungi inside it, and this gross looking slime attached to the element. not only that... but there was some hairy stuff near the top of the lid.... >_
  12. Get Into The Olympic Spirit

    tennis player
  13. Haha I thought my mates made that one up! But more in the context of "this chick was frooooffing for me". Also try: Speared - rooted "I speared the f**k out of this chick cos she was froffing for it aye" :lol: yeah... nah... i believe it's spelt froTHing. as in... coffee froth. looks like when god made I Like Drift, he forgot to install a spelling chip in his brain.
  14. appearances/ insults; eats an apple through a tennis racquet = bad teeth bunch of cats in a potato sack = muffin/ bulgy belly.. fatteh overhang. munted/ munty = ugly couldn't knock a sick girl off a toilet = weakling. bathroom... curled a big one = big poop. ring of fire= ring sting/ after chilli poop. packet of poo tickets = pack of toilet paper (also used in regards to dirty money) random... dick sticker= condom will think of more... mum's the one that knows them all
  15. if i had 3 days to live

    ummmm... NFI... but it would more than likely include a lot of money,sex,ice cream,chocolate,japan and a mudkip costume... yeah. that's a good plan.