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  1. hey ppl, just need help on identifying which car this t28 i bought came off. ive checked this out ---> http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.p...icle&id=235 ive got the part number off the turbo which is: 1k 0114j 14411-69f00 466541-1 anyways says that it's either off a s14 (pre-facelift) or a s15 (early*) automatic model so which one is it off?, what does it mean by pre-facelift? and also does it really matter if it's off the s15 that it's an automatic model (shouldn't really huh?) ive added pics too, to make it easier thanks guys
  2. 2nr tv

    hey i found this on youtube awhile ago and wondering if anyones seen this too? its pretty cool i reckon. what do u guys think of it? the show is about 2 brothers that re-build a supra and they're aiming for at least 1000hp i think. in the end it doesnt tell you if they reached their goal or anything tho. i reck they should make an aussie version with like rexies, sss pulsars and shit lol. Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4:
  3. Getting mine done at Fantasy Ink in Mt Pritchard. http://www.fantasyink.com.au/ Could you put in what you got: Phoenix on my left arm. Just a bit longer than a half sleeve how many hours: 8 so far.. many more to come though cost: 800 so far.. usual rate is 120 an hr. he only has charged me 100 an hr so far for my first two sessions how happy you were with the work: yes so far and the artists name ( if you remember ): Mizzi (Japanese style tattoos are his specialty)
  4. NSW Spotted Thread

    also spotted SXLENT s14 yesterday on hume highway
  5. NSW Spotted Thread

    always spot SWA93R type x on the way to work most mornings
  6. call centre and sexy voices

    ok not bragging that my missus is the hottest chick in the world, but she tells me stories of guys who are always complimenting her, saying how "sexy" her voice is it is etc and being flirty or whatever she works at a courier company so she's always answering calls and what not to me her voice sounds normal. yea and i know thats just me
  7. favourite genre of music

    love my hardcore gangsta rap/hip hop also love most things rnb, house, electro, trance, hardstyles dont mind heavy metal, rock, pop, 80's lol hectic shit.. etc etc
  8. stripper music

    at my mates 21st we put 50 cent's candy shop on. suited very well most songs by the ying yang twins should do nicely
  9. facebook - whats yours?

  10. good wreckers in NSW, sydney

    google it dude. buh anyways theres one i used... sydney auto dismantlers or something its on claremont ave in greenacre. he is also of wog decent, but ive had no troubles with him. cool guy
  11. NSW Spotted Thread

    hahah i know ey. i spotted you too that day!
  12. +1 for stock aero also the c-west n1 kit isn't bad either

    if they're not as dirty then ill wash after as i am sometimes lazy to wash before and after. if they are really dirty then ill quickly wash em not too fussy. this is at work though at home i seam to get more dirtier than i do at work. so ill wash up first.
  14. I did most of hours with a instructer.. and i filled in some pages just to speed things up a little went for auto licence first as it was easier for me
  15. yes indeed awesome video *patiently waiting on track/street video*
  16. *patiently waiting on the video to be posted up*
  17. Dizzee Rascal - Bonkers

    +1 but love the dirty beat it has
  18. crazy crazy japs at it again.. engine bay is f**ken immaculate. LOL check out the guy's hair .. the one with the blue jacket on
  19. ^+1^ i hate ppl who do this to others.. low life scums
  20. great thread. gives me an idea of how much coin i need to save up keep em coming
  21. say on a ute last night "Wife and Dog Missing. Reward for Dog" or something along those lines had a chuckle
  22. CLutch problem?

    i got my custom made clutch from kb clutch in penrith. set me back about $320-350.
  23. What was your first car?

    1993 Nissan NX Coupe.. got mine when i got my green p's... oh how i miss it
  24. Drift music!

    i dont drift but if i was gonna listen to something prob be something like hardstylez, trance etc suits drifting well or maybe even am radio