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  1. trying to fit a roof spoiler to my cressida mx83-yes,there is one in the states for $250 in my hands available.. the closest that looks adaptable-via mods... and affordable to do so-(nissan mass production) is either the s14/s15 so what im looking for is the legnth measurement of either or both of these if anyone can help that would be great thanx
  2. wonder if he will be complaining when other inmates hold him down and rape and beat him over and over for the rest of his days..
  3. MMA chat

    so much truth in this..
  4. MMA chat

    funny because in strikeforce they gave him shit because he always took people to the ground..only of late he has been smashing people standing..one dimensional i think not..regardless this should be a future legendry match up..money still on diaz!
  5. MMA chat

    moneys on diaz..guys a animal..and penn was no easy battle..gsp is a good poster boy face for mma-yes,i know he is a great athlete but..i personally would love it if diaz smashed it in
  6. Parents going to japan

    asian bride or a soiled g string from a vending machine
  7. Car Trashed

    pics? no insurance?
  8. german shepard and rottweiler not getting done? comes down to the owner at the end of the day..my staffy which was stolen from my backyard by some piece of shit low life was a angel..would lick everyone that came close in contact of her..my fox terrier had more balls than her..im sure if you teach them the wrong things they would be complete devils...still my next will be a pure amstaff/or can be papered no probs...so not fussed..hate to be part of the ones that need to have them put down,that would hurt more than having it pinched..
  9. im ethnic...my brother my father and I combined moneys and bought a house so that my brother who doesnt work due to mental illness and father can live together...we all look after each other..f**ked if my father is going to a nursing home..when the day comes that my brother is on his own..i will step in..blood!
  10. What song do you use for a ringtone?

    H ouse M aster C armelo-lsd http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHU9hvkHjk4
  11. Entourage - Season 8 - The Final Season

    this show bottomed out
  12. Zyzz Is Dead?!

    waits for autopsy..be more than C in his system..thailand ffs bruv!
  13. Ultimate Man Cave

    car hoists/tools proper arcade games..mortal kombat/nba jam/pinball machines spa gym projector audio equipment bar sluts wall of shame
  14. moved out at 18 came back home at 20..took a loan out for a business at 21,business did very well bought a house at 23 never looked back
  15. what is your latest purchase?

    not a bad little unit