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  1. How do you guys think the turn out was! ? Sorry low quality.
  2. The random photography thread

    Hey Guys if anybody could help i'd appreciate it! was recently using a Canon 1100d but I've upgraded to a new Canon 60D with the standard 18-55mm lens kit! Great camera by the way! . Hopefully getting a wide angle lens soon too! I want to try and take some rolling shots similar to this one - And also how can i achieve this summer type filter through Photoshop etc - If someone could explain how to go about this it would be much appreciated! Thanks, Aaron
  3. Hey Guys, Looking at doing some car shots something similar to this: i usually shoot on manual and was just wondering what sort of shutter speeds and aperture you guys use? So i recently had a Canon 1100d with a standard 18-55mm lens. Now I've upgraded to the canon 60D still with the standard 18-55mm lens. Hopefully getting a wide angle soon! If someone could explain how to go about this it would be much appreciated! Thanks, Aaron
  4. Few HDR's I took the other day any feedback would be great thanks.. Fairly New to Photography
  5. I hate tuna with a passion, pretty gross but protein is protein.. Smoked is the only one i can tolerate. it's not too bad..
  6. Post your Gym vids

    Yeah i may have measured my waist incorrectly. I'll try again when i get a chance. When ever i buy jeans, shorts etc I'm usually a 32-34.. unflexed. What's your training routine diet etc?
  7. Post your Gym vids

    Thighs: 25.4 Forearms: 14 Biceps: 17 Chest: 46 Calves: 16 One's 16.5 - (broke my tibia and fibia compound fracture a couple of years ago) find it hard to put size on that calf. Waist: 35
  8. Post your Gym vids

    I love all the negative comments here on ns.com what great community we have. I never had a go at anyone for anything the "power lifters" seemed to have a go at me for no particular reason. I've been training for quiet a long time now and I'm happy with what i have accomplished so far, some people might not want to be able to dead lift cars and do 250kg bench press, I'm happy benching 110kg and looking the way i do. I'm more then happy to share what i have learned through my short 4 or so years of lifting for those that need it. Clearly you guys don't need it. LOL a tool ? I only react with you guys because you take shit so seriously. Of course I'm going to troll all of you ha ha i find it hilarious. You guys seem to take things on here way to seriously..
  9. Post your Gym vids

    Strong arm to everything else ratio... need to hit everything that isn't arms hard. Looking at your Avi.. son i am disappoint. Ns.com is full of power lifters isn't it..
  10. Post your Gym vids

    Here's my legs.. Strong upper to lower ratio.. need to hit legs hard! "awaiting hater comments from members of NS.com that don't even lift"
  11. just want some advice..

    Wait what? You cant decrease bodyfat and build muscle as the same time? Oh ok then. What a load of sh*t. Some people, to make sure their body is at optimum nutrition levels will overeat to ensure such an environment. Then there are those who will attempt to get closer to the mark and stay lean whilst building muscle. Of course, always the ones who will eat noodles for dinner and wonder why they dont grow. Unless your aiming for 2% bodyfat there is no such truth to your word. 10-15% is where people should be looking to stay IMO. More muscle = faster metabolismn = more food required. Lean or not. Fat is simply the result of bad calculation to your diet. Your such a smartass every post i see. Show us a progress pic phaggot.