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  1. P90X

    p90x does work! as long as you have a strict diet. i lost 25kg from p90x. Tony Horton the owner and creator of p90x is a beast!
  2. Stretching Tyres

    That's the way to go too much attention from the police anyway. although it does look soo much better
  3. Stretching Tyres

    haha yeh man your right. i need to sell some things so im getting my posts up.
  4. Regency

    just borrow a pair of 16 x 8 and slap them on just to be safe
  5. matts 180sx build

    looking real good mate. love the brides and shoes!

    dope wheels man! 18 x 11
  7. the karbonphyber 180sx build thread

    this thing will look like the bat mobile when its done
  8. RB25 now 180sx street car build

    man love that work under the bonnet. nice car!
  9. OG R32 GT-R

    i like your car man. have you got big plans for it?
  10. My passion!

    very very nice type x! come on merlz dont let your build thread die. keep posting pics
  11. blackout Type-X 180 daily

    a while back i was looking at buying this car. you have done well mate. goodluck with the build.
  12. My S15

    very nice work with the guards man. looks great
  13. Car Security

    yeh i ended up buying a mongoose system for about $260 installed. I dont mind it but the central locking dosent have the best range
  14. My Gunmetal 180

    just wondering, do you get much trouble with the 5 - 0