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  1. Hey guys Anyone know anyone who is an airconditioning auto electrician who's fixed air conditioning for silvias? I'm not sure what's wrong with my air con as it's never worked ever since I got it nearly 2 years ago even tho the previous owner said it was regassed. My heater works fine tho. I can only find commercial air con places like brisbane air conditioning, etc., but would be nice if I can be 1000% sure the person fixing my air con knows exactly wat they're doing on an s13 atleast so if you guys know anyone please send their contacts my way! thanxx
  2. Sweet toothed thieves?

    kleptomaniacs... stealing for the thrill & possibly make unusual headlines
  3. Hey guys, My current hot topic at the moment I am seeking further insight on. A "psychopath" or a "sociopath" is the label we place on serial killers, criminals or simply "crazy" people, but surprisingly it is only considered a personality disorder rather than a mental condition like depression or schizophrenia (they can co-exist which can exacerbate the socio/psychopathic condition) and the incidence is 3% in males & 1% in females (that's 1 in 25 people) and one is born with it. It is grouped under 'Antisocial personality disorder' in the DSM IV with the criteria below: A There is a pervasive pattern of disregard for and violation of the rights of others occurring since age 15 years, as indicated by three (or more) of the following: 1) Failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviours as indicated by repeatedly performing acts that are grounds for arrest 2) Deceitfulness, as indicated by repeated lying, use of aliases, or conning others for personal profit or pleasure 3) Impulsivity or failure to plan ahead 4) Irritability and aggressiveness, as indicated by repeated physical fights or assaults 5) Reckless disregard for safety of self or others 6) Consistent irresponsibility, as indicated by repeated failure to sustain consistent work behaviour or honor financial obligations 7) Lack of remorse, as indicated by being indifferent to or rationalising having hurt, mistreated or stolen from another B The individual is atleast 18 years of age C There is evidence of Conduct Disorder (refer to DSM P 98) with onset before 15 years of age D The occurrence of antisocial behaviour is not exclusively during the course of Schizophrenia or a Manic Episode However, it is difficult to spot them as they are said to be charismatic and charming which masks their deep-seated carelessness about people (they are basically the opposite to 'empaths') and they are intelligent and educated so they can hold good positions and roles in societies. I have heard Elon Musk, the cofounder of Paypal is considered a 'sociopath' as well as the CEO of Tesla Motors (the world's fastest electric car but I'm pretty sure it was part of GM motors which went bust anyway) and I do suspect Jayant Patel 'Dr Death' was one aswell considering he was supposedly a smart & charismatic man which drove him to top management but had no remorse with his sly murderous behaviours, so, you could even be working with one. More strikingly however, many find themselves in a relationship with one.. and when they realise the other's behaviours are just too odd, it's a little too late, and it ends up being either a very parasitic relationship, i.e. the ASP partner is in it for their own self-gratificiation at the expense of the other and potentially physically abusive with the ASP feeling no remorse. So do you guys know of any or have any experiences with one? Share your thoughts & stories, I'm interested.
  4. Should I two tone my 180 or leave it.

    First one looks a lot cleaner. Breaking up the champagne is criminal
  5. Keen for a Photoshoot?

    Ladies, raise your hand for this photographer. I've done a shoot with Sidd and he's produced some great shots despite having no lighting assistant in the dark night of Sydney and he will make you look damn fine! P.s. hey Sidd hope you're well!
  6. whats your fav sport

  7. What multi are you using?

    Royal jelly by Tasty Nature. My body definitely absorbs it better than a regular multivitamin in pill form
  8. Heh... It's a psychological thing, if you've seen it enough through every media outlet possible eventually your brain will come to the conclusion it happened and you saw it, etc. There's been experiments where Psychs have convinced people they went in a hot air balloon as a kid even though they never did, doesn't take much to make the brain think something, let alone constant reinforcement giving it ideas. The psychological term for this is confabulating. A lot of freudian psychotherapists "tap" into a person's childhood by filling in their gaps in memory with false memories and the idiots believe it. On a DBZ note.. omg boring. Madeline all the way!

    You do realise there is a difference between being "sexy" and having aids right? O rly? Listen, it makes for a slick exit from the car and you won't leave fingerprints on the door. It's practical especially for guys with stiletto-wearing bimbo girlfriends who need to bend to close the door and wont risk wacking anything with the door except maybe a passing bird. Only douchebags with shit showpony scizzor doors have made them look so gay, otherwise it's sexy!
  10. Whoa

    Makes me wonder what was going through her mind. The drive for murder-suicide doesn't just happen overnight and it doesn't always succeed. Perhaps she was suffering silent mental disorders that were overlooked because of their multi-million dollar lives. Don't think any unravelled mystery or secret that explains these actions would justify it but knowing why would help us keep ourselves aware of it with others around us... just incase.

    Very nice Darren. It just gets hotter every time! But it looks like it needs scissor doors, hehe now that would be sexy
  12. Am I a bad person?

    djhatzigiannis, Firstly, how long does it take to fix up wiring? Wouldn't you have estimated the amount of time it would take or discuss that with "your mate" and check up on it, not 6 months later. Surely after about 1 month if it still hasn't been done or is "still in progress" you'd be dropping in to remind him to hurry up and after 3 months that's when you go pick up your car whatever stage it is in. Not sure about you but I can't be without my car for longer than 1 week even if it's at the mechanics and I always call to check up on it. The guy sounds like he was in a reckless state of mind to have mixed up the battery terminals then lashed out at his own mistake at you (typical of an 8 year old who knows they are guilty) or he's a complete d$ckshit who's had his brain wiring blown up long ago because knowing your positives and negatives in battery terminals for a mechanic are as essential as knowing the alphabet in order for a full-time filing manager. and those sorts of mechanics should never be trusted, whether it be your friend or not. Atleast you know now and you are well within your right to dispute the outcome and demand he pay for the damage (perhaps not fix it, take it elsewhere) and if he doesn't take it to the fair trade or ACCC as suggested already, which requires you write a letter to the mechanic first, as professional as possible, wait for a response and if you are unhappy with it send it all into the fair trade with evidence of how you have managed the ordeal (which you should conduct in the most professional manner - it will make the mechanic look more stupid anyway) and they will deal with the guy. If nothing eventuates, escalate it further to the courts. Either that or order a group of gangies for 1 night. If all else fails and you've made mistakes along the way then take this as paying for a lesson if that's what it takes for this to never happen again. Good luck.
  13. things that annoy you

    BAM.!! It's like where the same person.!! Especially the one in bold Dayum.. that's pretty much the whole road for you. Have fun driving gentlemen And mine - when girls don't dry their hair after a shower.

    Just discovered bling p plates!!! that has overturned my decision to burn my p plates upon reaching my opens (5 months left, it has been TOO long) & yes, I have finally resprayed my car (I have lost my grey door identity) and replaced the ever-so-loved uras S type bar, with a standard uras. ...that's if anyone remembers me. Pretty sure I haven't been on ns for over 1 year! missed you all!!
  15. DYNO DAY

    Hey Guys, my mate's performance workshop in Slacks Creek is having a dyno day and will be featuring some crazy rides of all types - including ones they've built, they themselves have a monster of an s15 that chopped everyone's nuts at powercruise, so worth coming to watch. Info is below, there's about 10 spots left - just enter below if you're coming or pm me, but feel free to just come watch & hava bbq, I'll be there pretty much all day. - haylz HI-POWER RACING/PEERLESS CABINETS DYNO DAY LAST DYNO DAY FOR 2010 13 NOVEMBER 2010, Saturday, 8am onwards HI-POWER RACING, in conjunction with PeerLess Cabinets, are holding our dyno day shootout on the 13th November 2010, Saturday, at 8 Herbert Street (off Moss St), Slacks Creek, QLD 4127. MOTUL AUSTRALIA and NISMO AUSTRALIA (link international) will be also attending this event and will be giving out Goodies to the 30 participants, and will be providing PRize packages for the Top classes. Freebies will also be handed out to spectators. so please bring your grandma and grand dad too. We might have some sponsors coming as well as photographers for boostcruising. Will let you guys know the details when it's confirmed. Entry Fee is $50 per car. You get 3 Chances to prove to your mate your car has the most HP of its class. Entries open from 8am and the shoot out will start from approx. 9am till the last car is finished. Come early so you don't miss out. We will have a spit roast and drinks available on the day. HERE are the Classes that we will have Trophies for: HIGHEST HP of the DAY LOWEST HP of the DAY HIGHEST Normal Aspirated HIGHEST FRONT WHEEL DRIVE HIGHEST REAR WHEEL DRIVE Please give us a call or PM us with your telephone number and car type so we can reserve a spot for you. Be quick as spots are limited!! 1 Shane 2 Shamil 3 Brett Laird 4 chris 5 Ryan s15 6 mark gilding s15 7 Lincoin s14 8 abdul aziz R33gtst 9 Ryan Jones 2jz chaser. 10 sultan magna supercharged 11 Peter 12 Craig M. 180sx 13big dave s15 14big daves friend 15Josh Mc. S14 16tonys chaser 17ian vl turbo 18chris cordia 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
  16. How many sex partners have you had?

    Because it proves we must have a giant wang and are awesome in bed - also what is "heaps of chicks"? i'm 28, have been rootin since i was 15. I estimate 1 girl every 3 months, 4 girls a year x 13 years = 52... but I've had GF's in that time, and picked up 3 girls in 1 week at one stage, i think i voted 30? So if i say i've banged 52 chicks then i'de sound like a slut, or a bullshit artist But if I say I only get random sex every few months not only do i sound like a f**king geek, I dont sound like a man-whore at all. I dunno what would be classed as heaps of chicks, I guess someone that takes a random home every time he goes out is more what I mean. Even at 28 I would class over 30 as alot but guess if you've been single most of the time then meh.. I (and am speaking on behalf of most of my friends- are we abnormal?) have more respect for guys that can hold up long term relationships, but could just be because I was with my ex since school for 9 years so thats the kind of guy I'm used to, not the ones that sleep around with dirty slappers. The only girls that would be impressed by guys being a man whore and therefore "being good in bed" (although thats absolutely no indication) I'd assume are those that are only up for one nighters anyway. I would estimate I've had GFs for half that time, and yes you're only speaking on behalf of your friends because I know my female friends dont want someone shit boring in bed and we dont question or ask how many people our partner has f**ked. Its just not a question that gets bought up because of people who get offended by it, or turned off by it. If experience isn't a good enough way to judge if someone is "good in bed" then what is? Or are you one of those girls that doesn't care when her partner blows his load within 3 minutes of starting and cant find your clitoritis without you pointing it out to him? i dont see how sleeping with heaps of girls goes hand and hand with being good. like some of my friends have slept with this one guy and he is notoriously bad, he just gets them because hes attractive. I think if a guy has been with girls with long term relationships passed the one night stand then he will actually learn more instead of some drunken mess. Don't you have fantasies? When you see a guy who portrays the image of your fantasy how can you resist. and some guys just carry the image of a guy in many girls fantasies so lucky bastard Fantasy men always hit jackpot. And a burden of a relationship sometimes destroy fantasies so it ends up being one-nighters It's a selfish thing
  17. How many sex partners have you had?

    Can guys have feelings for a girl they just f&*k? or na
  18. Symptom: Over-revving of the gears. For instance, in first gear it revs straight up to 5k and the car barely moves. Same thing happens when I change it to 2 and then 3 and then at some point later it snaps back like a jolt, down to 3k and actually moves the car forward. It feels like I'm accelerating in neutral. The same thing happened when my car was auto, occurred 3 months into purchasing the car (2.5 years ago). With the auto, it overrevs at 20km/hr at 5k or higher so I would have to accelerate harder to snap it out or when I'd roll down the hill, it would snap out by itself. Or when it was really bad I'd pull over and start the engine again and it'd be normal. Another 3 months later I got another auto gearbox in good condition with about 120,000 kms (they said) and then it happened again few months later. But because it didn't happen all the time, whenever I took it to 3 different mechanics with the problem they couldn't find it because it just wouldn't happen at those times I took it in. I even had the auto gearbox serviced a few months ago but it still came back. I was told it could be the auto clutch slipping. So I decided, to go with a manual conversion hoping the problem would go away with the auto gearbox. But low and behold, it's made a comeback. Or, it may be some underlying problem that's not within the gearbox but surrounding it? Surely with 3 gearbox changes it cannot be each of the gearboxes. Any suggestions, or has this happened to anyone's sil?
  19. Silvia gears over-revving

    Yeah the tacho goes up but the car goes nowhere. really at that high of revs my car should be shooting through but i'm like a failed cause on the road when it happens. if the diff and ecu is easy to replace i guess i could do both then see if the problem persists. thanx for the explanations guys! if it was the tacho, who do i take that to get fixed, would it be electrical? the problem is, it doesn't happen every time i drive it so the chances it won't happen when someone drives it around the block to assess the problem, is low, and is the case with everyone who's test driven it. fuuuuu
  20. Silvia gears over-revving

    Call me stupid, but what's a diff? and how can I get a new one/replacement? cuttz - it has no mods, just a new sr20de put in 2 years ago apparently really healthy motor, not sure if the ecu replaces when the engine does. so it's just stock output of power (bam bamm) Incase it's the ecu aswell, is that a tricky fix/replacement?
  21. Silvia gears over-revving

    yup yup brand new clutch
  22. When I picked up my car from the mechanics after a manual conversion, the indicators wouldn't work - front, sides and rear. The headlights, highbeams and brakelights work but not the indicators, infact they don't even appear on my dash. Pretty dangerous driving around last night but luckily I was in sunnybank where all the crazy asian drivers go, so nobody indicates anyway phew. haha Took out the indicators this morning as I wanted to change them over to the crystal ones I just received, and to my dismay, the indicator bulb connecting wires are completely GONE! The parkers are there. but the indicator wires are just not there at all. so where the hell would they have gone and how the hell would they have been tampered with during a manual conversion? Even if they were in place, how does it explain the rear indicators not working? I checked through all the fuses in the fusebox next to the accelerator and none are blown so what else could be a possible explanation for this? Anybody have any clue? OR, can somebody please send me a picture of what the indicator wire looks like so I know what to look for, even though I've pulled on pretty much all the wires visible incase it fell through somewhere, but to no avail.
  23. Indicator light wires missing

    I asked the guys who took my frontbar off few weeks ago to get up their driveway but they said they couldn't find them. Oh well, all fixed anyway at the mechanics, apparently some kind of new flush required. just means i don't have the parker indicators, the frontbar and sides work so that'll do me, for now. thanx for all the help!