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  1. defected - what now?

    Agreed. Easy and less hastle
  2. Need an identity found.

  3. Forza 3 on 360

    i play it. my gamertag is Mafia698
  4. Need an identity found.

    dude use 4 chan if you want to find shit out or hack or screw people over.haha
  5. FOUND... Sky blue Silvia

    yer they should be stabbed!
  6. ok so in june/july im going to Japan for a holiday and I want to go look at the cars at the auctions but i have no idea where the auction locations are? as im looking for a new car I wouldnt mind importing one as its cheaper and as im going to japan i can look at the car on the spot not just pictures. what do you think? good idea or bad?
  7. haha gotta love your quote "It would be like a stranger just rocking up to your work, just to hang out by the photocopier. Just weird."haha ill let you know when time gets closer as i have to munipulate my funds and see if i can. thanks heaps everyone
  8. S14.33 rb26

    hell nice and clean car man.
  9. anybody at QR today?

    dude another mini crashed into the same wall later that day too.f**kin minis
  10. yer that is understandable.i just though about having a quick browse while i was there. made a good point that there is heaps of shit and stuff to do and look at over there. im hell keen to go watch drifing in japan when im there.hahah
  11. im either looking at another S13 or a R32.depending on price and whats been done and that
  12. cheers for all that guys. yer i had a look at iron chef imports but they didnt have much that i wanted and phoenix didnt either. ill give em a call regardless and see what i can do cas they might be able to help me out. yer i have always had a funny feeling about shit being there that wasnt told and all that but it be allright if i got everything i was told. but i cant say i ever knew that you had to bring the car back to stock to complie.thats kina shit.can you go do the shit yourself?haha yer may not have an agent but my sister can talk fluent jap and my bro can kinda speak it.so thats fine.
  13. Room for rent Sunshine Coast

    ill let a mate know cas i know his keen to move out
  14. Stolen Items

    when you find them lets knife them!
  15. car stolen

    wtf is with people and stealing cars?then taking the wheels and interior? pretty sure if you see the wheels or interior on another car you could pick it was urs. hope insurance pays for what its worth
  16. QLD MEET- FOR 2010

    yer we should do something different from the usual shit.like mountian run and have lunch at some park or some shit.
  17. just checkin out if there is anything special going down this weekend as it is a long weekend?
  18. Anzac day long weekend

    yer they do and alot of it is shit.
  19. oi forgot to ask, wtf happened with those kids that stole that wallet if you know?did cops come back and ask or anything? pretty funny just standing there having a chat and heard some dude say "i didnt steal your f**king wallet slut". i though it was pretty classy.hahah
  20. was good for the time that i was there.wish i could have stayed longer and chatted. p.s. my car slipped out of gear when i took off.hahahaha i wasnt trying to be like a faggot
  21. ill be there, not for long but
  22. so it is tonight not thursday night?date and day dont match dude haha
  23. Im really keen to get a turbo so I was gonna sell my S13 and either buy a semi worked S13 again or a R32. Or i was gonna get a half cut or an engine or some shit and drop that in my S13.I dont wanna sell my car but i do.(you should understand that haha) honest opnion you think its better doing all the work yourself then you can say its your own creation or just get a worked engine or just a new car in general? cheers
  24. nice car man.ill keep it in consideration.cant decide until i get rid of my car and got the cash in hand.haha