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  1. Sr20de bouncing revs

    car would just stall without the afm unplugged wouldnt it?
  2. Hi Basically my tps was making my idle bad, when ever I opened the throttle a bit it would hesitate and revs would dip low and nearly die, checked ecu codes and come up with tps. recently replaced the tps and now it's fixed my idle problem and ecu code is gone but instead, now if I rev the car, when it reaches around 2000rpm it drops back down to about 1500rpm and if I hold the throttle there it will just bounce up and down between them two spots. Does the same while driving but seems fine once I get it past about 2200rpm. If I disconnect the tps it revs smoothly without bouncing. No ecu codes come up either. Car is a 93 s13 sr20de auto, could putting a turbo tps on a non turbo car do this? Could this be something else?
  3. Looks good man, you need atleast 38mm spacers on it, thats what I was running when I had them on mine. I want ya skirts
  4. Selling my Canon 70-200mm F2.8 IS MK 2. Comes with pouch and box, hood, and Hoya polarizing filter. Near new condition used hardly at all. Selling due to lose of interest. After $2300. Pm or text 0433293573. Postage at buyers expense. Google for pics
  5. Y31 Cima Coilover Install

    aus-vip.com has someone thats selling a kit to convert to s13 coilovers etc. his user name is EZ
  6. macro lenses

    anyone tried the tamron 90mm
  7. QIK 51L's Photography

    good work really like the one of the buildings, looks tops. im using the same camera but hopefully will be upgrading soon
  8. Pics from recent Europe trip

    great shots mate, love the 2nd and 3rd ones and the b&w ones. awesome
  9. Good Fisheye lens

    anyone tried the tokina 11-16mm 2.8
  10. favaro photography

    yea i dont mind
  11. favaro photography

    thanks mate, you talking bout the first pics of the 34? they were my first attempt at night. havent tried different mettering settings yet, will have to give it a try. cheers
  12. FS : lowepro back pack

    does it have weather proof cover? room for laptop? location
  13. favaro photography

    thanks mate appreciate the comments, i used paint to resize the pics. just bought a 70-200mm f2.8 is mk2 so should have some more pics up soon once that comes in