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  1. my FJ makes 244hp with a td07 on .9 of a bar but its a little laggy. so something a lil smaller would be prime on them
  2. Looking awesome dude, did i miss what turbo you are running on this?
  3. red over black looks like this
  4. I ran a full bolt in cage and no rear trim in my sil80 for a good few months before I sold it then the kid who bought it took cage out and put interior back in. It's all Personal preference. Do you like to take people around or do you rather a stripped car look
  5. mrkustomize

    more info champ?
  6. Satan.

    this thing might turn a tyre with that lot
  7. What are you listening to right now?

    E for extinction - thousand foot krutch
  8. Bug bomb in the cabin , remove seats and easyish stuff before you set it off then be prepared to clean also a bottle of cheap aftershave to baskets smell
  9. James make a build thread. We have a guy over here in wa running a vh45 turbo in his silvia it's pretty mental. Till he spat 5l of his oil on the start line one night
  10. I used joop day to day for work and been using diesel to go out with heading down to but a new one soon actually
  11. Powercruise 2010

    All I can say about that power skid is holy fork haha that's nuts

    I was running tein Super streets with camber tops and yes they are a smaller diameter. I can't actually comment on potholes as I've been lucky to miss them all so far. Obviously if you hit them hard enough something is going to bend or break
  13. Kyle remove the turbo and message Flippa on drftwa he will be able to remove them he did mine.
  14. Most of these things you can do yourself mate if you have a bit of know how. Doesn't take much to search the forum for some install guides
  15. Never had an auto lol learn something new everyday