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  1. K-Mart Waratah experiences..

    I had my honda serviced at kmart once. Never came back. Now I either learn how to do it myself or get reputable a workshop to do the work for me. There should be a thread on recommended workshops here somewhere.
  2. Petrol increase

    Bp ultimate was 1.64 last saturday I filled up from empty to full and costs me $32. What are you guys complaining about lol?
  3. Battery is dead.

    Optima or Odyssey. You get what you pay for
  4. 170pc socket set $50.

  5. Cash spews out of Commonwealth ATM

    How are they forcing us? It's peoples own stupidity to think that money actually grows on trees. At the back of my mind I think its a conspiracy. All the dumbfks think its free money. Bank chases them down but they've already spent it on drugs and alcohol. They can't pay it back. Bank repossess all their shyte and throw em in jail.
  6. Any DJ hookups in Adelaide?

    Will do and nah man no way im holding it at my house. I'm going to book out a hall. I've seen aftermaths of 21st house parties... not good. Theres 2 results on facebook. Is it the one that usually plays at iso bar?
  7. Any DJ hookups in Adelaide?

    maiky-s15R you basically answered your own question . I'll also be supplying songs I definately want played as well, thats if they don't already have them.
  8. Any DJ hookups in Adelaide?

    umm what is speedcore and what is gabba?
  9. Any DJ hookups in Adelaide?

    Give DJ Discrete (aka Ryan) a call, 0410 211 611. He does the mobile Djing, can bring all the equipment, lighting etc. Will do after work. Any more dj's that are decent?
  10. Any DJ hookups in Adelaide?

    Oh yeh 1k is budgeted for the dj not the party itself just to be a little more clear.
  11. Any DJ hookups in Adelaide?

    My budget is under 1k but obviously I don't want to spend what I don't have to. And there will be unlimited drinks for the dj but obviously he can't get too smashed. I don't mind if the dj mixes the tracks a little bit. Just don't fk up the songs
  12. Basically I need a DJ for my 21st. Need him or her to have their own lighting and decent sound equipment. I just want them to play music and requested songs during the night. And yes I have done google searches for DJ's in Adelaide.
  13. Brake Pads?

    QFM HPX my 2 cents
  14. s15 - series 8 rx7