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  1. Pets, what'cha got?

    minature daschund. the brown one is mine. the black and tan is his lover. just had his first litter of four puppies. can upload pics later if anyone gives a shit.
  2. How to take out engine block of s15.

    what about on a hoist and dropping it out the bottom? or not possible?
  3. Epic car fail thread

    went to play a gig in emerald QLD. its a mining town. look at this little gem
  4. things that annoy you

    aboriginals who call each other nigger. nigger is associated with negro. you're not from africa, so dont use that word.
  5. +1 pretty sure that every wire that supplies electricity to everything is made of copper. if there was a better conductor of current, im sure they'd use it.
  6. things that annoy you

    http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/toyota-camry-2000-12900817?cr=301&vertical=Car&eapi=2&Page=21&sort=Price&postcode=4740&__N=1282&silo=Stock&distance=50 this piece of shit
  7. Shit talkers' thread

    well women are generally only repeating what they've heard from f&f anyway, so you'd be an exception. sold a customer a vee port. he just walked up and asked me for a BOV and pointed out which one. then came back 2 days later yelling and carrying on that i had given him the wrong thing, thinking i wasnt there to defend myself. lucky i was in plain clothes that day and told him quietly to f**k off

    kemps also a good guy, and not a tosser like other manifold manufacturers. I had problems with my steam pipe manifold due to clearance issues and kemp offered to modify it free of charge even tho it wasn't even his manifold
  9. Any head units better then 50W x4?

    No. Headunits make 20wrms. Alpine do make the ktp-445. It's a gateway amplifier that plugs in line with alpine headunits and gives a claimed 45wrms output. IMO, a proper amp is cheap enough and a little more effort but 1000% better
  10. What are you listening to right now?

  11. upper cylinder head cleaner

    i use the wolfchester stuff on most of my cars. works wonders. also helps to smoke out the neighbours. (spraypainter with no booth and inbred daughters and inbred kids running everywhere)
  12. have you ever bought a container in from china? customs are a monumental pain in the ass. besides, they're probably busy. have you noticed that 90% of the time their phone is engaged? cut them some slack.
  13. things that annoy you

    when you buy new braided lines and they're not teflon ones. got 2000cc injectors and cant run e85. fml