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  1. want to know if a s2 steering wheel will bolt up to a s1 clock spring no worries? will everything work?
  2. Has anyone been able to do this and get the airbag working. It bolts up fine but the ribbon wire from the clock spring to the wheel has a different harness. So I was wondering if anyone has a wiring diagram for these two so i can try cut n shut them together. reason for this is because the original wheel was stolen so bought a s2 wheel thinging everything would be the same... but it isnt, surprise! Any help appreciated, cheers.
  3. not sure bout the dets... my mate is an auto sparky and was gonna sort it for me, just gotta find the wiring diagrams for him
  4. Adelaide hill cameras

    is that you brian?
  5. Police chase, Skyline .

    Drives a vl calais...
  6. Yeah ok lol relax mate... it was joke, hence the ninja
  7. Funny Story

    thats what lsd will do to u
  8. Interesting article about turbos...

    the mighty car mods boys have an episode on it mate, they managed to pick one up cheap
  9. was that at phoenix paint and panel??? if so they do really good work... only thing is when i had some work done, they left little specs of wax on everything after they detailed
  10. as stated, i cant find a particular members ride thread that was floating around a while ago. it was a two tone green/grey onevia that showed alot of promise in its build, however it has just disappeared recently, was wondering it any1 knew where was hiding or if its not possible to resurrect it, does any1 have any saved pics of wanted build. cheers fellas
  11. Cant find the thread!

    THATS IT! damn... how come? had soo much promise
  12. 3a Racing Pod Filter

    okai hero, just relax, much easier just asking and that is the point of a forum, to ask questions and gain info.. i kno he has an online store, was wondering what price glenno got it for
  13. rear quarter panel damage

    lol... is this ur way of saying "id did a skid and crashed"
  14. in the process of changing my standard r200 diff in my s1 s14, is a 3.9 (heard somewhere s1 s14's are 3,9). changing to a nismo 2 way 4.1... want to kno how many km's decrease i will experience on the speedo cheers guys, nissman
  15. prolly not the best of forums to be asking bout honda's mate... you will get very bias opinions with a possible side of flameage
  16. cambers

    havnt been on the forum for a month and the first thing i open up is this shit... not lookn good so far ns
  17. Spot the mistake.

    ...suit up...
  18. car shaking :S

    lol if the dude is asking for help on nissansilvia do u really think if he looks under the bonnet he would figure it out? just go to the mechanics, so u dont end up zapping urself when u take out coils, a dirty filter wont make ur car shake haha god... prolly the same type of bloke to confuse this
  19. Free Adelaide Photography

    u werent on an aristo cruise a couple of weeks ago were you? the ray's outdoors 1?
  20. Rear diff housing

    unsure which model this suits... was taken off of a 2way i bought from a wreckers, i pulled it off coz i bought an extended sump to suit s14/s15 so i kno its not from that.... 180/s13 possibly? idk... u tell me! (sorry bout pic format guys, i have no idea how to change it)
  21. Rear diff housing

    was thinking that but i need to kno for sure

    mate seriously... u were on here at 2:30am and u have prolly been sitting there the last 10hrs waiting for a reply... and im the nerd? besides hadnt u noticed the replies before detailing the wheels, if u had noticed a subtle error correct it... ur seriously not even worth the effort...
  23. no he needs to learn not to behave so irresponsibly on taxpayers roads, and damage he does and people like him... suckers like me have to pay for and im fvckin pissed off about it, he was clearly and egotistical piece of work and should never get his car back for what he did... not including the drugs, dui, etc. lol at the police telling him they caught it all on tape after he denied it, and then asked to see the footage... he should have got ripped!