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  1. New Classifieds

    Really dislike the new classifieds. I don't want a commodore... For the trouble of having to filter vehicles, I'll use carsales. Very disappointing.
  2. slight mods

    would the internal wastegate make the noise which can be heard coming from some other turbo cars? (not a BOV), but the noise which iam told coming from a wastegate does it need a scream pipe to be heard outside the vehcile?
  3. slight mods

    this is a gathering of information iam hoping to get a sr20det end of 2004 they come with stock t25g?
  4. slight mods

    also how is this for a beginners list of mods 1.podfilter/replacment panel filter 2.CAI 3. full exhaust from the turbo 3" to cat then 3 1/2" then to tip X" 4. external wastegate 35mm 5. e- boost controller boost to 12psi 6.FMIC 7. brake calipers to that of the r33 or gtr what you guys think?
  5. As i have been researching, looking at turbosmart products, to get an external wastegate, would i also need to purchase a diaphrgam etc for it? aslo how big should the external wastegate be? i only want to run 12 psi tho, 25mm be big enough? also the turbo smart E-boost controller, has any one got one? how reliable are they? and when is it nessecary to get a fuel cut defender? or is it a amsart option to get one before touching the boost level? any help would be greatly appreciated
  6. stock sr20det with stock turbo where does it start spooling? my mats ca18det auto sounds like it does bout 3000+ but thats diff to what others are saying someone clear this up please
  7. would a smart option be to have a high and low boost setting, using the lower setting for daily driving, and hvae the higher setting for dyno testing etc to reach the higher kw?
  8. s13 silvia turbo

    another thing, with servicing, how often do you guys change your oil/oil filter? fuel pump? brake fluid? pads etc all of that.
  9. s13 silvia turbo

    so in stock form on a sr20det i can safely run 12 psi? they come stock with 7psi isn;t it? but the 12 psi wont bust the ceramic fans would it?
  10. what turbo model do they come with? t25? do they have the ceramic turbo fans? whats the highest boost you can safely run?
  11. the local nissan dealership? private garage? k-mart? etc? what are the best places to go?
  12. starting problems

    my mate has same problem, what he does, is take it out of park (auto gearbox) puts it back in, makeing sure it clicks, presses brake, then accelerator and turnz key when his foot is on accelerator, works 99% of the time
  13. new silvia

    well, he got a better look at it now in daylight and says its the seal from the gearbox to the block.... any ideas?
  14. new silvia

    well it appears to be a leak in the sump seal :-, anyone got any ideas how much it will cost to get it fixed as the entire engine needs to be lifted out to get at
  15. new silvia

    bump. need help asap