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  1. Will post probably be there if i can get my vac leak fixed in time.. wetpan as usual..cant afford tyres for the big track
  2. Can't wait to see some pics/vids! awesome night
  3. softer then melted butter HAHAHAHA thanks.. :P
  4. No longer attending see you all at the Feb eventtttt
  5. f**kstain i cant make it. Not enough $$.. ah well have fun poodles
  6. yeah i havent been for 2 months im suffering wetpan withdrawls!
  7. most probably.. all my bills come out this week + im going overseas on sunday.... but ima try and scab some $$
  8. Twilight Event 17th dec.

    bree lets go taindem styles we have already had this agreement! what time you leaving yours I got a half day wanna cruise in together to EC? yeah no worries; ill prob get out of work around 2:30? I dont know yet lol
  9. Twilight Event 17th dec.

    bree lets go taindem styles we have already had this agreement!
  10. Twilight Event 17th dec.

    Heard it was an awesome night...ill be entering on the 14th once again too. tailshaft is fixed so im ready to go!
  11. toymods annual cruise

    Ohhhh! well sorry you didnt introduce me hahaha! yeah. atleast you bummed around for my presence!
  12. toymods annual cruise

    haha bree! welcome back! bree? cant say i know her lol! but welcome back...hahaha we gotta give it a shot...gotta build it back up...big cruises and meets (with a BBQ! lol ) Haha im always lurking Steve Umm...well, blue s15 no. plate BR33ES! hehe, saw practically all of you around the bends / through newport when i was heading up that way. i missed a good meet!
  13. Photo of your ride

    when is the next one? maybe i should come with you? 17th of December i think..that may just be the main track though; they usually have it all in one hit but nov/dec its been a bit here and there.. Scruiteneering starts at 4:30 doesnt matter if you're later though.. ive rocked up at 7 and still gotten in, although thats an hour missed of skidding time! You need to pre-book to ensure you have a secured place too.. http://www.drivingsports.com.au/events.html has all the details.