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    Hey guys, im albert, i like buring incense, coz itz hot.com<br />and im not interesting at all.<br />
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    Bar chick
  1. Top Gear Australia

    Hosts are shit, GTR was tops
  2. Global Gathering 2008

    Holy shit lol pretty much death
  3. Next hills meet..

    beach and sun bake
  4. Opinion on Hills Meets so far

    yeah northmead is good, plenty of hunger blasters
  5. Nissan Wreckers

    ^^ whhoooaa??? why!
  6. Official Hills Area Meet #3

    Same!!! Very nicely done. What did you guys do after? lol almost ran into that camry on the wai out ahah
  7. Massive Global Festival its coming to Australia!

    OH really??? SICK!
  8. The whispers have been building on some of the massive dance events that will be touring Australia in the closing weeks of 2008, with some massive dance acts thrown around as potential headliners; but until now it’s been impossible to cut through the hype and nail down any concrete facts as to what we can look forward to. But the wait is nearly over… Future Entertainment was in touch with inthemix this afternoon, and have promised a massive announcement next week in relation to a ‘world renowned international festival’ coming to Australia for the fist time in November. Who better than Future Entertainment head honcho Mark James to stir up the excitement? “Get ready, it’s on its way!” he told ITM. “A festival tour featuring the largest lineup of the planet’s finest DJs and brightest stars ever assembled, the infamous European branded electronic music monster will touch down for the very first time in November… and trust us, things will never be the same again! All will be revealed early next week.” Quote from ITM
  9. Official Hills Area Meet #3

    uhm 1pm such a mission to get up lol.. i mite come wait ive post it already lol
  10. Winter 08 mixes (Jun / Jul / Aug)

    Here is my August mix My August Mix Tracklist: 1. King amir - SAmirs theme(madskillz miami bass remix) 2. Dan Le sac vs scroobius pip - look for the woma 3. Edu k - Gate gate Gate(crookers mix) 4. Congorock- Exodus 5. Maskinen- segertaget(data life mix) 6. Fake blood- Mars 7. Hook n Sling - Crazy love 8. Le Le - Breakfast ( Beesmunt baltiflage edit) 9. Les petits pilous - Wake up 10. Le matoes - Like perfume on pig (figure 8 mix) 11. M.i.a - Bucky done gun (Son of vader mix) 12. Dj Sega - Mad all over again 13. Proxy - Dance in the Dark ( Hostage mix) 14. Solid Groove- this is sick 15. The streets- lets push this thing forward ( hostage mix) 16. The yank - we can't be stopped (VRB mix) 17. Kaiser chiefs - everyday i love you less and less ( boyz noise mix) 18. Chromeo - fancy footwork ( crookers mix)
  11. Hail in Sydney

    Holy sh*t! no wai! dark clouds just hovering the hills now farken