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  1. that blue wire in the second pic is the coil power wire. as soon as u give ignition switch 12volts, u will get spark. that is usually the only isue people have when converting from SR20DE to SR20DET
  2. If it cranks then u have already bridged the neutral inhibitor switch. its a black with white stripe to black with yellow stripe. no spark or fuel mite mean that the ecu is not turning on. check if the fuel primes when u put it to ignition.
  3. Called work to tell them i couldnt make it in one day, they asked why and my response was "I'm still quite intoxicated and I believe it is against OHS regulations to operate a forklift in my state" lol the funniest part was they said ok, we will see u tomorrow. never got sacked or told off about it. probably cos they couldnt find workers to replace me if they got rid of me. i actually quit that job 3 times later that year lol
  4. VicDrift Practice Day

    lol madd, im in the clip too. hahaha
  5. Illegal Street Drifting in Japan

    old vid
  6. S13 Cutting Battery Tray (Vic)

    seems like an expensive cooler upgrade
  7. forget about it, cant be done, best u can do is get an 8cm housing or swap the turbo for a td06-20g.
  8. haha awesome, ill make it a personal challenge to try get promoted lol
  9. damn...dont qualify for A group cos i havent been to winton enough
  10. Engine Swap

  11. VicDrift Practice Day - July 2010

    any vids of the day?
  12. VicDrift Practice Day - July 2010

    Thanks for the awesome pic!!
  13. VicDrift Practice Day - July 2010

    Winton + my car = FIRE!!!!!
  14. kris's A31 Cefiro

    Yea get that fixed up asap man. Main power fuse is a grey 75A fuse, not a tiny 15A one lol. Trying to run all your main power thru that tiny wire is going to give u problems, prob not getting right amount power going thru your car.
  15. kris's A31 Cefiro

    no prob mate any other issues, let me know.
  16. English or German

    lol not bad
  17. kris's A31 Cefiro

    lol no cranking? if u dont fix it by the weekend, give me a call, ill sort it out 4 u
  18. p plate curfew!

    no doubt, the higher the victorian population grows, the more deaths there will be in general. they cant stop shit. they are on crack. close thread
  19. Tomei Pon-Cams Vs Tomes Pro-Cams

    APEX'i Drag cams 270 270 12.66mm lift
  20. Gang war cop's to bust hoons

    HAHAHA new south park season FTMFW women really do love big balls LOL
  21. Formula D 2010 New Cars

    Rocket bunny!!!! FTMFW
  22. Hamilton gets car impounded

    Anybody see the news tonight about the 19year old guy that wrote off his car ino a pole and killed himself at 160kmh? The parents are blaming Lewis Hamilton for the accident. like wtf??? they pretty much said it wasnt his fault that he was speeding at 160kmh and wrapped the car around the pole. its all because of lewis hamilton. it his fault. showing a bad example blah blah blah same thing probabaly wouldve happened anyway if hamilton didnt get caught. its people like the parents that stir the pot and makes things worse
  23. Roll Call - SR20 Garrett GT2871-15

    Power Enterprise PE1420 Super responsive and aggresive onto boost. prob the most responsive turbo u can get that will go over the 200rwkw mark
  24. Polish's S13 SR20D/VE BUILD

    handles awesome aswell. such a smooth ride under extra curricular activities