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  1. Any electricians here?

    Off topic I know but any electricians in Adelaide want a cash job?
  2. What are you guys using to tub the front of you car?

    i know its a old thread but if anyone is looking for tubs i found these on ebay going cheap. http://www.ebay.com....984.m1423.l2649
  3. Adam from AT Performance can do it. www.facebook.com/ATPerformance
  4. tow bar places you recommend

    Try hall towbars on main north rd. They have always been very helpful.
  5. Where to get car alarm installed?

    Audiotech Car Audio & Security http://www.facebook.com/pages/Audiotech-Car-Audio-Security/150371945054422
  6. Custom Fabrication

    or AT Performance and Fabrication www.facebook.com/ATPerformance
  7. Have a chat to adam @ ATPermance and Fabrication he will be able to help u!! http://www.facebook.com/ATPerformance
  8. my mum has the same problem!!! if you find a fix let me no!!
  9. I'm after a S14 S1 steering wheel center non ABS? can you help? Thanks
  10. Google+

  11. Google+

    Can i get a invite to? shanefurner@gmail.com thanks
  12. ca18det wont start

    sounds like you need a SR
  13. Cams associated car clubs

    SHAN0 from a couple posts back is your man... he is on the club committee and will get you sorted. Email us at: committee@clubpsi.org or here http://www.clubpsi.org/index.php?module=Pages&func=viewpub&tid=1&pid=2