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  1. Price : $1,500 Condition : Used hey, got this enkei rp03 set of 4 for sale, i only bought these as my project needed tuning but my actual rims hadn't arrived yet. sizing is 17x7" offset from memory is +45 the colour is a smokey chrome, when i seen the pictues i didn't like them but in person you can really notice its not a full chrome.they have nitto tyres on them and was surprising to me to find they're really sticky still have rubber knobs on them, rims are practically brand new. will post at buyers expense.
  2. Enkei Rp03 Set For Sale - $1,500

    Price : $1,500 Condition : Used BUMP
  3. hey guys, sorry if this is the wrong section i dont know where it belongs. so i started this build roughly 3 years ago and know its coming to an end im getting to that stage in life where i should be looking to buy a house. so im interested to see what i could get for my engine, sr20 forged bottom end - cp pistons, eagle rods, cryogenically treated and balanced crank, ati balancer hks stage 2 head, hks 264 in, 272 ex with hks cam gears. turbo - hks 3037 pro s 0.61 ex housing ceramic coated, hks steam pipe high mount manifold ceramic coated, hks 40mm waste gate fuel - hks fuel top feed fuel rail with hks 850cc injectors ignition - splitfires just let me know what other info you want and ill get it to you, but with all that what sort of price do you think i could get for it? thanks, Huss13
  4. EOI: freshly built motor

    haha, "i got hurt feelings" love flight of the concords. thanks mate, nah not yet getting tuned this weekend.
  5. EOI: freshly built motor

    Bugger, i thought that would be the case. I might as well keep it for that price. Thanks for the help mate.
  6. EOI: freshly built motor

    God i hate people haha why do you have to be a bunch of c#nts, you know what i mean, just trying to get some help, your usually pretty good blingy and im even coppin it from you. All good ill go back to my hole.
  7. hey guys, my build is finally coming to a stage where im now concentrating on the body. i am looking for a body kit but dont like the idea of fiberglass, has anyone had experience with the duraflex kits? or is there a company somewhere that makes polyurethane kits? thanks, hussie.
  8. Hey just wondering how people have got there speedo working with the conversion, also how have you the reverse lights to work?
  9. hey fellas, chasing a new z32 brake booster, cant find anywhere that sell new ones apart from nissan and im not really feeling like an arse rapping. can anyone help me out? thanks, hussie.
  10. hey people, i've done a bit of looking but can't find anyone that sells braided brake lines for the s13-evo9 caliper brake upgrade. am i just going to have to leave the car garaged and take one to a shop so they can make them up? thanks.
  11. moving to qld

    hey fellow gear heads, me and the missus are looking at buying in qld because its just to bloody expensive and hot in NT! we are looking at the sunny coast area mainly nambour but we really dont know where to go. we are looking for a house with a descent yard as we have a big dog and im keen on breeding him and i want to put a big shed on the block, so that sort of takes us out of town a bit, i dont mind if its only half an hours drive to the city as thats about how far away we are at the moment. we still want to be close enough so we can still go see a movie or the shopping centers but without having to make a day out of it. any help is greatly appreciated! thanks, jake. my build;
  12. moving to qld

    mainly on projects lately but have done a fair bit of maintenance both domestic and industrial. still looking at the moment but really liking the above mentions around sunny, but if there is little work then that could be a killer.
  13. moving to qld

    yeah thought so, i think mcarthur and ranger do some weird gigs like that. palmwoods looks the goods a few good places and fairly close. thanks guys, jake.
  14. moving to qld

    if i didnt play footy and have the dog i'd already be in the mines! they get paid bloody well. sort of need to be home fairly often, if i could get one of those weird rosters i'd be right, like 4 on 3 off or something.
  15. moving to qld

    what do you guys call bugger all there? up here minimum is about 32/hr. i've looked into most of the above places, they all have some great places but buderim is winning me over atm. man you can get some awsome places in that price range, lucky to get anything for that up here. thanks guys appreciate it.
  16. moving to qld

    nah i was talking half hour to sunny. whats so good about caloundra? price range around $300-$400k im a sparky by trade how hard will it be to find a job down there?
  17. Brett's SR22VET S1480

  18. hey i need a set of 5 stud rotors to complete my conversion and was wondering if s15 rotors will fit standard s13 calipers? thanks, Hussie.
  19. are ther any rotors i can use or will i have to drill out the stock ones?
  20. hey guys, i have removed all a/c componants except for the black box directly behind the engine under the dash, the line that go into it i've traced back to the inlet plenum ( i think, its hard to see) is it safe to remove this componant? i will have to block of the outlets won't i? i have done i bit of searching but couldn't find a how to thread. thank you, hussie.
  21. a/c removal

    so this is the box. this is the otherside of the firewall. where the lines go. the inlet side. sorry for shit photos.
  22. a/c removal

    ill try upload some this arvo
  23. a/c removal

    ahh that would be handy, yeah 180, not sure what it is, i took out the fan and the radiator looking bit the only thing left is the black bit on the right of the other two bits.
  24. shit yeah! the later the better though, my mechanic is taking his sweet arse time getting my build finished