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  1. hey guys i have a couple things for sale $700 - sr20 black top power fc with colour controller - it has been used but only for about 2000k's and still looks brand new $100 - sr20 nismo fuel reg - it has been used but only for about 2000k's and still looks brand new $300 - sr20 eagle rods - brand new never used $100 - sr20 acl bottom end bearing - brand new never used i'm on the north side of brisbane but i'm willing to post price are nego feel free to contact me on 0417402560 thanks
  2. hey guys just got a couple of things for sale bosch Z32 afm with apexi pod and tomei plug --- SOLD 4 nismo 740cc side feed injectors --- SOLD s13 sr20 intake manifold with fuel rail and aac $100 s13 sr20 rocker cover $100 send me a message on here or on 0417402560
  3. type x abs 5 stud conversion help

    sooo what do you want for them
  4. Intercooler plumbing

    thats normally what it is, but why the hell is it running to the intake
  5. 93 GTR what oil?

    motul is the way to go......have you had a look at there RB oil that was made with nismo you can get it from repco and autobarn, if they don't have it in stock they can order it
  6. Intercooler plumbing

    does the pipe come from the rocker cover, a picture would be really good, it would make it easy to figure out what it is and with the catch can, you can mount on its side or standing up where to mount it..... pretty much where it will fit, (as long as its in the engine bay) what car do you have a 180b?
  7. type x abs 5 stud conversion help

    do you think this will work better then just pressing in 5 stud hubs
  8. HKS Super SQV bOV

    http://my.is/forums/f114/compared-fake-hks-bov-real-hks-bov-new-type-4-fakes-434959/ this is a interesting read about real and fake ones
  9. HKS Super SQV bOV

    also be careful where you buy it from like ebay because there are a lot of knock-offs getting around
  10. type x abs 5 stud conversion help

    i looked in to the diff and there is no problem with upgrading it, the abs will still work, and i think the brakes will work but its hard to tell with the stock hub still on there, so i may just replace the hub with a 5 stud one and see how i go. turbo 180sx do you have 2 front 5 stud hubs?
  11. hi all i have a bit of a problem i picked up recently a full 5 stud conversion kit with r32 gtr no brembo brakes, i went to install them yesterday and the standard front end knuckles have abs lines running to them, which the new ones don't, i would like to keep the abs because it dosent hurt to have it and im sure it wouldn't be legal to remove safety features on your car, what can i do to still put on my new brakes and have 5 stub hubs and keep the abs working these are what i already have Front S14 knuckles Sleeves for the knuckles to make S13 coilover bolts go straight in. S14 front non-abs 5 stud hubs S14 front Lower control arms R32 GTR front calipers R32 GTR Xdrilled front rotors QFM A1RM brake pads ADR approved braided brake lines to suit S13 front and skyline calipers BM44 NON-ABS Brake master cylinder (from Nissan pathfinder) R32 GTST rear handbrake drum assembly inc handbrake shoes R32 GTST 5 stud hubs S13 rear knuckles R33 Handbrake cables Eagle adapter (used to mount skyline hand brake cables to Silvia chassis). R32 GTR rear calipers R32 GTR rear rotors EBC Yellow stuff brake pads ADR approved braided brake lines to suit S13 rear and skyline calipers the backs will go in no problem, but is there an abs sensor in the rear of the car, i think i remember reading that it is in the diff, will the abs work if i replace the diff one thing i looked in to was drilling the old hubs to a 5 stub pattern, i don't really like this idea, is there a s14/s15/skyline hub the i can just press in to the s13 hub so i can keep the standard front knuckles so the abs works, also with this will the new calipers bolt to the standard s13 mounts and what bmc would be recommended any help would be very much appreciated
  12. hi all i have been looking through yahoo japan actions lately and found lots of cool stuff has anyone bought anything off there? what? and did it come im looking at things like this http://page10.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/m90141414 the only problem is, i find that lots of stuff say no international shipping