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  1. Condition : Used Looking for an s15 Vertex bar I dont care if its new or used.
  2. s15 bonnets

    CF is fragile as glass, you gotta be real gentle....hence wanting a metal bonnet. Anyway idc about legality.. I've got a stock hood if I need , so that aside....any more bonnet suggestions
  3. s15 bonnets

    Hey guys My beloved HZ style carbon fibre bonnet (http://www.vivagarage.com.au/cart/index.php?c=91&p=552) has sustained some damage, badly enough for me to want to change it. I have searched for a good hour now and can't find any good bonnets or places to buy them. Hopefully those of you with aftermarket bonnets can help me out. I'm interested to see the different brands and styles out there on the market. Post a pic of yours or a link to a site, I just need a starting point, it can be from anywhere in the world I'm not fussed. I'd like to buy my old one again in metal rather than carbon fiber but I'm not sure if they make those! Cheers
  4. s15 boot lid spring fix

    bump, anybody??
  5. s15 boot lid spring fix

    yea i know but it still pisses me off, where's the spring? It looks like 2 twisting steel rods act as springs and they look difficult to tamper with.
  6. Hey guys Since removing the spoiler on my s15, the boot lid pops up much too fast and vigorously for my liking. I find myself having to use the key to open the trunk all the time in fear of the lid flying off and smashing the windscreen . Does anybody have a fix for this? Is there a spring that can be removed or replaced to prevent it from popping up so fast? I found another thread on this topic suggesting to put sound deadening throughout the boot lid but I already have this and it makes no difference so I'm hoping somebody has found another alternative. (also please don't suggest tying weights to it...I want to fix it properly) thanks for any help
  7. Hey guys Doing a project for my engineering course at uni on the axles of my s15. I need to model them and analyse all the stresses acting on them. Was wondering if anybody could provide me with some dimensions of a factory s15 axle (or any silvia really, doesn't matter), some pictures and possibly what its made from so I can model it as accurately as possible?? thanks, any helps appreciated
  8. S15 Time attacker

    thats way too nice to put on the track!
  9. Street Tuned s15

    hahaha Im jase L's older bro I see butler all the time. I'm liking the look of your beast and Im overly impressed by itpower figure! Mine needs a retune so if I eventually run into you one of these days (which Im sure is more than likely) would luv 2 hav a chat bout your tune etc
  10. Street Tuned s15

    hey danny, butler tells me your tune is pretty insane, you got a dyno graph??
  11. Im looking at that unit too! http://www.ryda.com.au/ProductDetails.asp?...ode=AVHP6050DVD brand new, same model, $1299 + $17 postage in aus
  12. yea I saw that! that was on sat nite though so like you said nothing to do with us. Im glad no bin smashing deros or heroes came along on sunday lol
  13. haha you made my car look clean! sweet photos man was hopin sum1 took some haha I always tell people when I do a photoshoot don't worry about cleaning their car. Half the time the dirt doesn't show up in shots anyway. haha don't tell me that or I might wash it less! I was peakin tho, had just washed it and drove through a huge puddle on the way to anzac highway
  14. haha you made my car look clean! sweet photos man was hopin sum1 took some