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  1. Who's Who of NS-Tasmania?

    cant seem to find a post in here by myself.. Name: Josh Location: Hobart Ride: R31 skyline Mods: stock auto apart from 16 inch Weds, 2 1/2 inch exhaust, lowered & gktech wheel Plans: as is, just a daily Cheers my car with a mates pintara & my collection
  2. nearly got my shitter going...6 months later
  3. Lloyd Smith's 1UZ-FE AE71 Corolla Drift Car

    all the gear was taken out an put in a ke38 wagon that he drifted for a while
  4. Round 1 Discussion!

    was a good day, congrats to LLoyd, victory lap was sick, weather was awesome too which was a bonus, bit sunburnt now haha. madskidz we loved your smokeshow's, it was the highlight of my day cant wait for the next drift day..
  5. new years resolution!

    mine would be to build a drift pig, learn to drift better, cos im shit atm ha, move out of home, build a parts shed to store all my shit in, get a new daily- something jap an turbo an start working on my project car that has been waiting years to be started.
  6. Provisional drifting calendar for 2010

    you would need a tas one id imagine, as you will be driving the car in tas
  7. December 12th Drift Practise

    lol not sure these days, though, it would be hard to keep up with him, hes got a different car every month haha Edit: exactly the same as delazys post
  8. December 12th Drift Practise

    you did pretty bloody well though! your improving heaps
  9. December 12th Drift Practise

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljnLb2n2cjU lloyd in the ke38 wagon, wow i want that back haha. shit quality but i dont give a shit i wanted to get a video of it lol more videos in that link....
  10. December 12th Drift Practise

    *cough* daimsy, james mcguiness *cough* cough agree cough haha james is a wicked driver, is a bit hard on himself when it comes to how good he actually is, but i suppose everyone is... was a great day, got to catch up with a few people, weather was good apart from the wind, copped a fair bit of wind/sun burn on the face, not happy... my favourites of the day would of been lloyd in my old wagon, the car loves life now, if you saw it out there an the tyres that came off it youd know what i mean haha. renolds in the pigtara, getting pretty bloody good now, just need a little bit more power the rb25 vb, blew me away when i was told it had a rb25 and open centre! was a pretty good driver too, as brad said..did the first lap pretty much perfect. an brad in the s14, also seems to be improving heaps, well done. an prob james in the coon as well, he actually managed to get it to slide, with a truck style hand brake as well lol. if i get a skidder before the next prac day i will have a raz, see how i go. oh also, loved the bluebird ryan was driving, well sick, an daims ke70, farking mint, i would be too scared to drift it! ive got a few pics from in the pits, an a few drift vids, off my phone tho as my digi camera batteries were flat, again!
  11. OZDriftGP - Saturday Images

    doesnt seem to be any of you two, i tried to get some but my camera failed james was number 28....
  12. OZDriftGP - Saturday Images

    no probs lol i just wish it was better quality
  13. OZDriftGP - Saturday Images

    ive got a short shit phone video nick, an couldnt get my camera working at the time an also forgot my memory card. an no more pics. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEyfe7c1gco
  14. GREEN S14 From spg STOLEN!

    lol ^ good to hear the s14 was recovered without too much damage. farkin knobheads r just jealous, time to get an alarm
  15. Round 4 Pics and Vids

    my bro in law has heaps of pics ill get em off him tomorrow, looked like a great turnout wish i was there.