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  1. WTB - S14/S15 standard exhaust

    full exhaust or cat back?
  2. WTB - RB25 Gearbox for S15 Conversion

    please ignore. posted in wrong section
  3. Anyone selling a R33 RB25 Gearbox?
  4. Hello All, As the title says, I'm chasing a RB25 Gearbox for a S15 Conversion. Also after a R33 Diff and Drive shafts too. Cheers
  5. Hello All. can anyone tell me if a Nismo Cluster will work correctly in an Automatic S15. The cars is a manual now, but was originally and Automatic. Everywhere I go to buy the cluster says its for a manual only. can anyone shed some light? cheers
  6. Hey guys. got my car back from the tuner the other day. drives great and all. but at time the engine light flashes on hard acceleration and the knock level reaches any where between 50 - 75 ive been reading up on the forums and i know anything over 30 is bad. But here is my question. Ive got 275rwkw with External Gate with screamer pipe. do you think the screamer pipe could effect the Knock Sensor?? thanks
  7. My S15

    Yeah, i love the standard look on the s15, that why i still got the standard rims, Semi-Slick tyres will go on as soon as i change the Wastegate Spring to help. the Boost was set to 18psi on the dyno run but drops at Top end to 17 - 16.5psi, on the street i drive around on 15psi for now, until i get that spring changed. I dont have a Boost Report, i didnt get one on the Disk Croydon gave me, ill make sure i get one next Tune Traction is not as bad as you would think, ive got some very chunky tyres on her, and once she Grips, LOL, its F#@kin Fun. i was driving home last night on the M5, Opening gate past every car at 2am.
  8. My S15

    traction. LOL. What traction. Next set of Tyres I get will be semi-slicks for help. Just got to feather the accelerated. The dyno sheet Was given to me on a disk. That's why it looks different.
  9. My S15

    Bought it from hi octane racing. Modified it myself to fit the piping.
  10. My S15

    lol very true.. home job long time ago with a hammer lol
  11. My S15

    thanks the bov is a Greddy Type RS
  12. My S15

    wouldnt Trust it huh, whys that mate. to high or low? TD06sl2. even tho the turbo it rated from 244rwkw to 316rwkw pics are up
  13. My S15

    Engine: SR20 Exhaust: Fujitsubu Power Getter Cat Back. Trust Turbo to Cat Suspension: G4 Coil Overs Wheels: Stock Modifications: ENGINE Trust Airinx Filter Trust TD06 SL2 running 18psi (only for now) Trust HighMount Manifold Trust Front Pipe Trust External Wastegate Trust Screamer Pipe Trust Intake Plenum Trust Type RS BOV High Flow Cat Fujitsubu Cat Back (power getter) Hybrid Intercooler 70mm Throttle Body Z32 Air Flow Meter Forged CP Pistons and Rings ARGO I-Beams Con Rods ACL Bearings Trust Metal Head Gasket GTi-r Oil Pump and Spacer ARP Head Studs Bronze Valve Guides Trust Camshafts (in256 ex264) Trust Rocker Stoppers Trust Sump Nismo Engine Mounts Trust Air Diversion Plate DRIVETRAIN RB25 Gearbox OS Giken Twin PLate Clutch Single Piece Tail Shaft R33 Final Drive (4.11 Ratio) Nismo 1.5way TT Pro LSD Centre R33 Rear Axle Shafts FUEL/ELECTRONICS Sard Adjustable Reg Sard 850cc Injectors Bosch 044 Fuel Pump Apexi Power Fc Trust Pro-fec B Boost Controller Spitfire Ignition Coils Apexi Turbo Timer BRAKES/SUSPENSION RDA Front Rotors Project Mu Pads All Round G4 Coil Overs 3mm Spacers on From 28mm Spacers on Rear Front Strut-Brace Stereo Audio / Visual: 7inch Pioneer Double Din DVD Player 4 x 4ways 6inch Pioneer Speakers 2 x 12inch pioneer Sub Fusion 950rms Amplifier Estimated Power: 268.3rwkw @ 18psi. will boost it up more after a change the wastgate spring to a 15psi spring. at the moment boost drops slightly due to the 7psi spring not being strong enough
  14. hey guy/gals does anyone know or have a Greddy Wastegate spring. Blue one. holds 1.1kg/cm to 1.5kg/cm (15psi-21psi) i need one asap. thanks
  15. engine rebuild

    if you treat the SR nicely, you should see way over 100,000km's. only rebuild if you need to, your want bigger power (over 250rwkw in my eyes to be safe)