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    To be honest classic would be easier first time out, if you attempt Early Modern your basically up against 600hp GTR's (like the one in my avitar we ran last year) and 996 Porsche Turbos (which should really cakewalk it in early modern). Modern I would forget about, unless you have $100k+ to buy a Spec C Subi, R35 or Lambo + spend that much again developing it!!! Good thing with Classic next year is its back to the handicapping system which works in favor for people like yourself. You don't necessarily have to be the fastest overall over the 5 days, its what you do with what you got. a S1/2 RX7 would be pretty ideal in that case. This is the problem we now face, after competing in classic this year in the R32 and coming 3rd outright, the porsche brigade have got their nickers in a knot and set the whole category we sat in (Cat 7, 1982-1990) into a melt down, having forced it into Early Modern. As a result many people have put their hands up in the air and given up stating they cannot compete with the likes of 4wd/turbo cars. In saying that, had we entered Early Modern we would have finished 2nd! Don't think that just cos its a classic car ppl don't spend money on em! U will find alot fo the cars in classic run the same spec/brand shocks as the moderns and are just as expensive!!! I am kinda baffled why a company as part of its sponsorship package would be given free entry and not use it? any promotion is good promotion!

    And a good nav is always in demand!

    Its all in the suspension guys. you don't need big HP engine (ours is basically stock). Just with the few minimal mods the regs allow (See the regs on the Targa website). Long events such as targa are a trial of attrition, so you want it to be a reliable car not a hand grenade! Like I said it all comes down to the suspension, normal suspension and japanese coilovers wouldn't last the distance (most overheat and fail), a good set of suspension (Drummond, Reiger, Ohlins, Sachs, Proflex, MCA etc) is sorta in the ball park $10-30k. Getting the weight balance right is also hugely important as is having good drive (to minimise loss fo traction). Next is tyres, picking the right tyres for the event is crutial and weather plays a big part of this. Maintaining your tyres is also important, it may look speccy and feel good doing a skid and getting sideways for spectators! But you are losing time and wearing your tyres out. Different manufacturers' tyres have different capabilities and attributes in getting up to temp, wearing, flexing and "going off" or over heating. Again i stress its not a cheap sport to get into if your doing it out of your own pocket (its very much so a rich mans sport!) I would estimate that by the time we line up for TT 2010 the car would probably owe close to $50k? Main thing is, if its your first time try to enjoy yourself and have fun. Your not going to win first time out. Learn the game and build your rally craft. Its totally different to circuit racing!!!

    What other stuff do you want to know? Well I can tell you now its all about team work! Having the right co-driver/driver working together and fully understanding each other makes a huge difference. Service crew is also highly important, they need to know the car and be able to diagnose problems (over the phone etc). Having a plan of attack for the event and what you want to achieve (personal goal etc). Read the Supp Regs!!! You will find not many people actually read these and there is alot of stuff in there that you need to know!! (Late time, penalties etc etc) Nothing worse than getting a penalty for being late cos you were chin wagging at service! You can start out in any car (my first ever Tarmac rally I navved in was a VY Commo SV8 Ute!!! Pedders comfort shocks and all! I will stress that its not a cheap sport by any stretch of the imagination. I estimate it cost us $20k to run Targa Tasmania this year (R32 GTSt) and that includes things from entry fee, tyres, brakes, accomodation, service crew, fuel, running maintenence, recce car etc etc Below is a link to some of our videos from this years event check em out! Youtube Videos
  5. Home Network Overhaul

    I just upgraded our home network when we got ADSL2+ and got the Linksys WAG160n. We only have 1 Wireless-N device in the house (a new Lenovo lappy). Basically I put the router where I wanted it, put the laptop in the furthest room I would expect to use it in and set about finding what position the wireless router would provide the best signal strength. Turns out mounting it on the vertical plane (on the wall) facing perpendicular to the street and for that fact any PC reaped the best signal strength. my desktop PC has no issue with drop outs as far as i have seen (1 1/2 months down the track) and im getting good consisten speeds with torrents and what not. Might upgrade to a a Wireless-N card eventually. THe laptop occasionally gets dropout in the lounge room, but only when your sitting on a couch facing away from the router and its trying to punch the signal through 2 walls, the back of a couch and your own body so not too bad. My only wonder now is I have my old Linksys WRT54G (one of the better earlier ones that were open source and had heaps of memory for software upgrades) running DD-WRT firmware, could this be of any use to boost signal strength at the other end of the house? Or would I be better off selling it? And in that case does anyone want to buy it?
  6. Is there a better value track car than this?

    Yeh i reckon track car of choice is either S13 or R32 for cheap fun. Although I reckon ill buy an S14 for a track/rally car in the next few years as these are coming down in price also
  7. my god that thing better be a turbo Ahh no its not... I will get a turbo toy later on to tinker with, this is just a good comfortable, cheap to run car which i need for work, plus i got it for a crazy price new.
  8. Buying a new family car

    If you get an X5 (im assuming ur not buying new) have fun with the service costs later in life. I know someone who got the bill for their 60,000km??? service and it was $12k!
  9. Best burning program?

    DVD X Copy Nero 9 Region Free makes burning almost a dream
  10. After 6 years of owning an import i'd had enough. Sold up and bought this Take delivery end of week
  11. "I have dreamed a dream but now that dream has gone from me." Kinda puts a burner on things when the seller of then new car u want rings an hour later and says he doesn't want to sell anymore
  12. Well pretty sad day, just handed the keys over to my bus.
  13. Reminder to all series Drifters...

    You will find if you turn up to alot of other motorsport events that with out your valid membership and licence you will be shown the door, I think drifters have been spoon feed far too long.. Time to take some inititive for ones self.
  14. Im getting a relatively stock car and im not going to mod it (it already has all that i wanted). im looking for a reliable daily and my next car was always going to be v8, just wasn't sure if it was going to be Euro or Aus till now.
  15. engine builders don't need the internet to build a good engine, they do know a thing or two.