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  1. sold please delete

    I think you may be confusing brand new prices with used prices here.
  2. Check for Vac leaks in all your lines around intake etc. Will foul the shite out of plugs and cause shit idle and lower rpm performance.
  3. For anyone who was interested, the unit did just fit in, about 2mm clearance from the bracket bolt on the right once installed.
  4. Hi Gents, The replacement Hyd Master Cylinder ive received to replace in my 180, looks to be that of a LHD US etc by the shape from what i can see found researching (Although ordered as simply a replacement unit). Please see the attachment pic in engine bay. Basically i was wondering if anyone can confirm or deny if this unit will fit as it looks to be around 20mm longer than the unit currently fitted, and looks like it would come close if not touch near the intake manifold once in place.
  5. sr20de without the t

    I would start by spend $20-30 and replacing your vacuum lines just because, try a hotter plug as suggested, then possibly replace your coolant temp sender, not sensor. If your sender is not reading your water temp increasing it will tell your computer to run rich as it engine is sensed as cold.
  6. Iv'e tried unpluging the coil packs 1 at at time with the same consistant change each time. Last time i had coil pack issues it was breaking down when coming on boost. I pulled my injector rail out with the injectors still in the rail to check for leak inj etc. Turned the car on to prime up which it did, no injectors leaking. When i cranked the car over there was no spray from the injectors either whist cranking? Shouldn't they be fireing whist cranking?? Going to test for 12v and a pulse on the injector plugs this arvo. Thanks for input all.
  7. So all I've found ticking from injectors when engine isn't started but fuel pump had primed. Is this as abnormal as I'm thinking?
  8. Hey all, My 180sx sr20det has become harder to start over time since a tune. Its taking 2 minutes of kicking over on and off before it will start. 5 minutes after warming up it run fine and drives/boost fine through the full rev range. The only other time ive had an issue with it missing is after a solid highway drive (40mins) with pretty consistent 15psi boosting which at the end started to missing through excelleration. I've tried changing plugs cleaning all filters but now im sus on it either being a tuning factor or a spark issue. Usual mods, fmi, full exht, bov, ebc, 740cc nismo inj, disco .64, and all run with a EMS stinger v4. Any ideas will be appreciated. Cheers Video Link:
  9. 180sx, FINALLY back on the road.

    Id have the standard air box anyday. Very tidy engine bay try your best to keep it that way
  10. weirdest acceleration issues

    Fast idel cam check? Havent done that before, ? I will check my tps then. Any reason why it may get worse or is this to do with the rocker cover breather back into the turbo intake pipe which i do have
  11. weirdest acceleration issues

    Same here m8 only diff in my set-up is im running a ems stinget and a disco. Runs fine when full throttle and boost comes on just splutters and miss fires on aggressive throttle application. Ive had this problem since 1 month after the tune and its got worse as time goes on. Im going to have it looked over by a tuner again. Interested if any1else has had this issue and had it rectified.
  12. Varex mufflers

    They're also designed to be set-up to open up at a certain rev range, which would be plenty of open and closing.
  13. There is plenty of people who dont crack 200 with your set-up. Two options, cams or another dyno.
  14. Squealing starter motor

    Thanks champ, that sound like it could be the problem. Guess she is coming out then. Cheers