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  1. Help with import papers

    Sorry if ive confused everyone im from SA and this car im looking at is from VIC. Profile updated
  2. Help with import papers

    Na link? Theres only one blue one in SA and its got gay red interior and been tracked a bit.
  3. Help with import papers

    As i said before its in melbourne so going to check it out this weekend. I couldnt find what i want in SA and if its that dealer in Mount Barker then ive heard the same! Must be Edwards Lees new business
  4. Help with import papers

    Cheers for the info guys its already registered in melbourne just doing a background check on it. Mainly that Grade: SpecificationR and the AT scared me. Also the XX on the front right panel. Im buying from SA so ill just have a good look at that front right section for any dodgy repairs. And yeah if you can find a clean 9k s15 f-ing buy it!
  5. Hi just wondering if someone can help me identify a few things in these import papers. Mainly if the car was originally manual or it has been swapped.The grade looks to be R which worries me. Any other things that look out of place? I am happy with the kilometers. Cheers