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  1. Stock s14 Dump

    Standard s14 dump pipe removed due to upgrading to Tomei item. No sensor as that was put back in with new dump. May fit other sr20det's but not 100% sure. $20 pick up from Salisbury East. 0402 four double7 104
  2. Side indicators off of 180sx

    Side Indicator covers off of 180sx Type X. (May fit other car but unsure) Were removed and replaced with clear items. No plugs globes or wires. Pick up from Salisbury East. All 3 for $25. 0402 four double7 104

    Assuming you have put an s14 box in your s13 and your speedo is now showing incorrect speed (mine read 10% over). I had the same issue when i changed mine. i needed to go to wreckers and look for a new sensor with a different amount of teeth. Cant remember the exact number but its only 1 or 2 teeth different. Hopefully someone on here can identify the correct one for you to get. Pretty sure it was just an s13 one but not 100% sure. Other option is to go get your gauge recalibrated but the sensor change is the easiest.
  4. Is Chrome shit?

    I remembered reading this the other day. Ive had no issues though. http://www.news.com.au/technology/online/the-internet-broke-yesterday-and-it-was-all-because-of-the-number-512/story-fnjwnhzf-1227023949109
  5. Operation safe hills

    Anyone know the difference in number of registered road users between now and then? i bet as a percentage of users, the roads are close to their safest level ever even though they are in such crap condition. Edit. 1 death per 6,662 then vs 1 death per 16,835 now. Seems much better to me. Road toll could be 300 and still be the same percentage od users.
  6. Hi, recently had a major service done on my 180 and have just checked the oil level and noticed it is way over the full mark on the dip stick. Not a couple of mms over, its the same distance over as the distance between high and low (ie over a cm). Is this safe? or am i going to run into problems with it so high? ive heard of overfilling slightly for ensured pick up, but worried with how high it is atm. Any help? Also, if it needs draining, how much roughly would it be over?
  7. Oil level S14 sr20det

    nah doesnt look frothy. but ill just drain it. cbf going back as if i just do it myself, then i know its done right. cheers for the help guys. off to get dirty.
  8. Oil level S14 sr20det

    damn. was hoping someone wasnt gonna say that. shoulda just changed the oil on my own to start with as i doubt they did anything special to it seeing as they couldnt even get the oil level right and im still gonna have to get my hands dirty. (probs dirtier than a regular change as ill have to hold the plug and let it drain down my hand hey)
  9. Oil level S14 sr20det

    15 mins or so after i got home.
  10. What fuel do you run?

    I use 98 and only BP Ultimate. never used any other fuel in my 180. I run ultimate 98 in my mazda 2 also but occasionally will run a tank of different 98 if there's no bps close by. I do notice that I get slightly more kms from ultimate over other 98 fuels.
  11. mcaffee warnings

    Mcaffee on my work computer is flagging the site as unsafe. has been doing it for a couple weeks now however nortons at home doesnt. I can go to homepage fine but all forums are flagged unsafe? Is there an issue?
  12. 180sx, FINALLY back on the road.

    Mine was a crap load more than that. (but that was 4 and a half years ago now....wow times gone quick). I needed the whole kit and caboodle ie: motor, turbo, loom, ecu, g/box, radiator, got a new clutch, fmic, pod, fuel pump, MBC, full exhaust, auto elec to re wire it all up. But was worth every cent with how it drives now. But in terms of experience, my engine/turbo from a wrecker has run 14psi for 4 years now and is still going fine.
  13. 180sx, FINALLY back on the road.

    I had Niswreck supply and install an s14 SR20DET into my 180 after my DE shagged itself. Still going Strong 3 years on with 14psi and 190rwkw.
  14. Sneaky Bastards. SPEED CAMERA SPOTTED

    They have been using the tripod cameras outside of all type crash on main north road for ages. hiding in the bushes with the 4wd in the service road. They also have these now too. Catching you before you actually get to the car on the side of the road and jump on the brakes.
  15. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    Would anyone know why when i click on the linked videos, it only plays the sound while the player video is just a blank white screen. If i move the mouse over the player, i can see the moving video behind the title bar, but the rest of the player stays white. I have to click on the "watch on youtube" link and watch them on youtube then come back to here to see the next vid. Any help would be great. Have tried updates and a cleanout, but still doesnt work.
  16. things that annoy you

    CYCLISTS If you dont have a number plate GTFOff the road. Get sideswiped/scratched by a milkshake and he just kept riding along didnt stop. tried to catch but bit hard in peak hour. Anyone got a cheap 4wd for sale. Prefferably with no rego??
  17. Things that make you laugh

    Reminds me of a story i was told last night. Mate was at the gym jogging on a treadmill and was curious as to just how far the treadmill could go at full pace in 3 mins. Not being a maths person, he decided to set the treadmill next to him on full pace and check it in 3 mins to see how far it had gone. Bout 2 mins later he turned round to a large bang/crash/smash to see a girl in a crumpled heap a couple feet behind the treadmill. She had wanted to go for a walk, but didnt see/couldnt hear it was running due to a whole line of them next to each other beng used and had accidentaly stepped on the one moving at full pace. Mate was in hysterics and had to leave. Poor girl had skin missing and litterally didnt know what the f had happened. Not nice to laugh at i know, but couldnt help.
  18. Controversial Topic Thread

    Holy crap. Never realy thought about it / took notice. But yeah, There is 3 solid as a rock trails hanging from where i can see at the moment. First ones been there for hours. Freakin weird.

    Cruised along Bridge Road this morning with a lotus from WA with Barbagallo stickers over it(maybe a track day hire car?). Looked and sounded awesome. Anyone know the car and any mods? Made my daily commute to work interesting for a change.
  20. Street/daily tyre reviews

    Tyre: Bridgestone RE002 Size: 215/45/17 Car: Driving: Price: After buying re002's i dont think ill use any other tyres in the future. completely transformed the feel of the car. i noticed more of a difference going from 215/45/17 maxis($145) to 215/45/17 re002's(220) than i did going from stock susp and springs to new kyb's and kings. i even put 4 on my partners stock mazda 2.
  21. Does anyone have any recomendations or experience with getting roof restorations done or does someone on here work in the industry and want some work? I Have a 3 bedroom house that i need to get resto'd. gutters seem fine, just the ridging needs to be re-done and id guess a few tiles replaced (looks fairly old) Am getting roof seal out for a quote and probably the company on tv with KG (complete home transformations or something) but would like to have a rough number in my head before they come so i dont get taken for a ride. I want to get a few quotes with different people including smaller businesses as im planning a wedding atm and funds arent exactally overflowing so any help or recomendations would be great. Cheers
  22. So I had a nice suprise (hit and run)

    any chanch the bin was towed along and smashed into the car? would explain the lack of damage at the bottom and the fact the bin was smashed. Also would explain the lack of paint transfer.
  23. silvia bonnet rubbers

    http://nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=493250 Taark sells them. need to contact him myself.
  24. Air Conditioning Boiling

    Theres a flap that closes off the incoming outside air forced into the system while moving along. This may be getting stuck open and making the flapping/ticking noise and allowing air to pass through the system causing hot air to leak from the vents. May be the cause? Could try turning the temp settings to cold before turning the fan off, and see if the air coming out is still hot. If its cooler, sounds like the flap is staying open a bit. Mine sounded like a bird was stuck up in the dash scratching trying to get out.
  25. Hi. Just wondering what places people know in adelaide that can repair fibreglass bars. I have a couple of bars that i'm thinking of getting fixed so they can be used, but am not sure as to where to take them. One may be beyond repair but the other is just missing a bit down the bottom so might be repairable. Any suggestions would be great. Live northern but can travel to wherever if its worth the trip. Thanks.