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  1. My crappy job

    Sounds pretty awful man, I'd do one of your options; tell her you're leaving until your exams are over and you can actually concentrate on work and if she doesn't like that then tell it to shove it up her ass and get another job. I absolutely abhor being blamed for things that weren't my fault or couldn't have been avoided (like things you don't have the training for and they expect you to do anyway, for example) so I'd be pretty tempted to just straight up tell her to get f***ed too lol.
  2. Male vs Female at the atm

    Ahahahah +4 LOL!
  3. Modern Warfare 2 Prestige edition.

    "Full green ping" for xbox (and now PC) will be at least 150ms, not too bad for casual pub gaming, but for anything serious it's just not really acceptable, especially when you concider the fact that they WENT OUT OF THEIR WAY to make it like this for a completely obvious but non-disclosed reason; to prevent piracy. Tell ya what infinity ward, I certainly would have bought the game had you made the multilayer good (and by good I mean the same as the last 5 call of duty games you've made!), but now I'm probably just going to pirate it for the single player and delete it. To be honest I think if I did buy it I'd have a great time with it and I probably wouldn't be TOO bothered by the drawbacks, but out of principal any game that takes a big leap BACK in multilayer technology is not getting my money. If you don't trust me with your game then I don't trust you with my money!
  4. Modern Warfare 2 Prestige edition.

    I have no idea what has been said before this as I haven't read it, I've just come on this thread to vent; if kiddies and/or morons who can't use a PC are happy with their 150ms+ player hosted servers with no mods or dev console and crap graphics are happy to play on their little xboxes that's great, but infinity ward can suck my fat left one if they expect me to buy this same dumbed-down version on PC! I may or may not torrent this game for it's single player, but usually the main reason to buy these kinds of games is the multilayer aspect, which they have made awful. /clap to infinity ward for losing thousands of other people this way too!!
  5. Need a new GPU - in prep for MW2!

    If you fancy gaming like a child then this is a great idea! Woo for retarded controllers and poor frame rates! In all seriousness though, the 5870 just came out and by all accounts it is amazing, it's very much worth paying a bit more and getting one of these, it'll last a lot longer than a 4890. (Don't get me wrong, the 4890 is bloody awesome too!)
  6. Lost a locknut key

    Thanks for the replies guys, I was just about to call wheelworx when my brother found the key in his car! woo =D
  7. Lost a locknut key

    yeah i was hoping to aviod that, ive turned my entire f**king house upside down trying to find the key and no avail, but i guess if i dont have the nuts if they key is lost...
  8. Hey guys, So I've misplaced the "key" for my locknuts, it basically fits over the nuts themselves and allows you to use a regular tyre iron on them (I don't know how usual ones work.) Where should I go to get them removed? Is there any suggestions on getting them off? Thanks in advance! NoScreen
  9. Pet Hates

    Seriously though, people who crank their shitty little laptop speakers or iphone speakers to full and expect people to dance around to/like it... it's just abrasive noise no matter how good the song is, seriously, I'd rather listen to nothing!
  10. australias worst tv show

    Just change the title of Gossip Girl! BAM!~ DONE!
  11. The car crash thread...

    I reckon that's why a large number of hills/rural accidents happen... shithouse roads. Bad luck to your bro!
  12. luxury watches

    My mate has a TAG Heuer watch, Sapphire face and everything, pretty amazing time piece, but probably worth more than 2Gs.
  13. regency every three years?

    Just Imagine how much more work they would have to do to inspect EVERY car in SA every 3 years! I would imagine they would need to more than double the number of people on the payroll, not to mention the extra equipment they would need to cope with all the extra cars, 99% of which would not be posing a "risk" to other road users or themselves anyway. The money would be better spent on putting more coppers out there defecting the actual defectable cars. I think your mate is incorrect, and if he is right then... .
  14. Play electric guitar ?

    It's called intonation, and there are several ways to fix it depending on your bridge type. Also if your neck is bowed then it's time for a new guitar . http://www.projectguitar.com/tut/intonate.htm That should give you all the info you need to fix it though . Hope that helped mate!
  15. HILLS CRUISE - Awesome turnout

    That Sil-Babe were you the one in the red S13 with stockies? If so, nice car, S13s look awesome in red, I was behind you for most of the cruise in my AE71