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  1. Hi all i am from Adelaide and i have moved up here and my baby still is in SA but i hope to get her up here once she hs running you can add me on FB hardym7@hotmail.com but would like to meet you all and have a pub meal and a few drinks, she will be running about ???+ so not to bad he he SUPRA 2JZ well peeps would love to catch up sometime take care Hardy

    hay, everyone i am from Adelaide and just moved up here my supra is not yet up in the NT but soon i need to fix my getrag just a heads up and a hi to all i would love to catch up with a few people some time and do a meet and great i see a few supras getting about the place and would like to say hi to everyone drop me a PM i also mite have a wingman to assist me hope he can come up soon Miss all off you in Adelaide but i am on a working holiday he he as they say up here no one works hard not todat, not tomorrow maybe next Tuesday or Another Time ha ha (NT) hope to see you out and about Hardy
  3. IT HelpDesk or Support Role

    Hi all, i am looking for a role in Helpdesk or Support to get my foot in the door with IT i am doing my Cisco CCNA i would like to branch out into networking once i have the chance to i have been applying for jobs on careerone and seek but had a few interviews and so forth but no luck just yet does any one know of any roles that mite be in the pipeline thanks michael
  4. was a killer morning funny once u see the Speedy's taking Kodak moments on the way home gave a few of the boys a toot and slowed down for em about 10km ha ha gave em a nice way HI one did not look to impressed was 10 out of 10
  5. i know it will be provided ect but i meant did u need me to carry any thing.. but all good i guess you have it sorted cant wait to see the turn out
  6. who is bringing what ?? or do you need some people to bring some items ???
  7. ill be there for sure any one cruising from eliz way meet at mine or parafield car wash and to to the meet point ????
  8. if you can attend the one i am doing also on the 21st of feb to rapid bay ill post on my FB details to keep the boys in blue out....
  9. yeah ill be in for sure hope every one caught my post on FB about one to rapid bay on the 21st of feb i want make the both of em
  10. Top Gear photography cruise

    nice mite have to check it out if i can get down there
  11. Pink Bitz Reveiled

    how funny http://www.mac.sa.gov.au/popup/tv_campaign.php?id=88
  12. Pink Bitz Reveiled

    rims i am not shaw as of yet but will keep you posted it just goes to show how many people get jealous like of my supra
  13. Pink Bitz Reveiled

    loco when i stop past Mawson Vegas ill show ya