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  1. hey everyone, this might seem like a stupid question but anyway, ive noticed at the car wash where you do it yourself that there is a setting for engine bay cleaner where you can spray the engine bay. i was wondering if this is dangerous at all to do? wont water get into the pod filter and then get sucked into the engine? i want to clean my engine bay so any advice would be appreciated! cheers
  2. hey everyone, as stated in the title ive got a misfire on my 3rd coilpack in my rb20. im lead to believe its a problem with the ignition not fuel, as alot of unburnt fuel is coming out of the exhaust. what should i do to fix this? do i need to take it to an auto electrician? or is it simple and something i can do myself? cheers
  3. Compulsory overtime

    ahah theres always that option!
  4. sounds like ice or something to me? maybe a mixture of things..
  5. Instant Coffee

    bullshit! you ever seen or talked to a barrister (the coffee makers not the other type) they don't add milk first! ever seen a barrister use instant coffee?
  6. Instant Coffee

    yea man you need to dissolve the coffee in the milk before adding the boiling water otherwise you 'burn off' alot of the taste!
  7. Compulsory overtime

    yea dude check everything that youve signed, you may have signed something saying you'll do at least 40 hours a week or something?
  8. Who here likes Doco's?

    BBC's the great feast. absolutely amazing!
  9. Green zone a must watch

    im not usually into war movies, but i really enjoyed this one. very interesting!
  10. Underbelly - the golden mile thread

    the golden mile definitely has absolutely nothing on the first series. not enough murders and stuff, not much progress in the plot from week to week.. still good to watch though!
  11. probably a repost, but i love this pic! i meant this one...