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  1. Oil Leak issue

    BUMP! Help... someone???
  2. Genuine Nissan Parts! + NISMO Parts!

    hey mate i'm chasing a s13 sr20det rocker cover gasket and a front main seal... do u need to replace any other gaskets when doin the front main seal? postage to redcliffe qld 4020? Response needed asap
  3. Oil Leak issue

    hey guys n gals, finally about to spend some more moolah on the bodywork of the car gettin 25mm wider front n rear quarters and a new Uras bumper and fixin up some rust behind the sunroof n around the rear windscreen. Down in the garage this afternoon gettin everything together and noticed an oil leak starting behind the harmonic balancer, i believe its the front main seal but not 100% sure, anyone else done one of these before? is there much involved or is it just taking off the fan, harmonic balancer and the cover where the oil pump hides? or am i missing something else... Thanks in advance ill put up the photo's of the build in progress.
  4. Buckled Guard after flare

    After seeing numerous PDR repairs in my time it's my opinion that its would not "oil pan" because the metal would be stretched by pushing the buckles out and then the high spot is tapped back in using a plastic center punch creating the same effect as shrinking the metal. ask a pdr specialist... i think the most logical method would be to try the PDR if it fails get it repaired by a panel beater but unlike going straight to a panel beater the PDR may work saving you hundreds of dollars! But this is just my opinion its your car, do what you wish
  5. Buckled Guard after flare

    I suggest you get the opinion of a Paintless Dent repairer, the way they repair the dents uses metal rods to manipulate and stretch the metal, when you flare rear quarters the pressure which is used to keep them straight is all in the spot welded seam that gets rolled, they 'pop' in because the metal has nothing keeping it straight because the integrity of the metal has been reduced by changing the shape of the panel itself. I strongly believe that after a few years of panel beating and 12 months of watching a paintless specialist work i understand how metal stretches and shrinks under different influences. I think that if a PDR specialist pushed the dent's out of your quarter panels they wouldn't just 'pop' back in when you go for a drive because to remove these dents, the metal rods they use will stretch the metal and create strength where it had none before. You should expain to the pdr guy that looks at it that you would like the dent pushed out not pulled, because pulling it will not have the same effect. just keep in mind that you will be looking at between $180-$400 depending on the guy that comes out.... try to catch him on a weekday morning... hope this helps ya out, let me know how it goes...
  6. Kumho Tyres 2010 - Direct From Kumho Australia

    hey can i get a price on 2x 215/35 R18 in both ku36 and ku31's and 2x 215/40 R18 in ku36 and ku31 thanks

    hey could you PM me a price on 2x 215/40R18 85W FEDERAL SS-595 and 2x 215/35R18 (i know its not listed just after a price if you can get em) will be pick up probably next week cheers
  8. 180sx tail lights won't turn off.

    I chucked a 10mm nut & bolt through the hole with 2 washers so the issue wouldn't come up again....ever
  9. 180sx tail lights won't turn off.

    +1 brake light stopper on the brake pedal... happens when ya let go of the brake pedal too quick due to sh*tty old plastic
  10. S13 Strawberry face conversion

    thanks for all the advice guys, you answered all the questions i need! time to start the build. i think ill be modifying the stock s13 bonnet (bit of welding, bit of bog) or just cut the front off a s15 bonnet and weld it to a s13 one! changing a rad support is easy but making a rad support from a later model car fit early rails and skirts isnt. front guards will still be s13 items but i will re-shape them to suit the s15 bodyline matching the headlights because everyone else has said that s15 front doesnt suit s13 but i think the s15 front bar and headlights would look mean on the s13 (better than the stocko's at least) making metal guards fit a fibreglass bar is a crapload easier than fibreglass to fibreglass and at least if i do all the customising myself it wont just be another s15 conversion on a s13. Ill probly flare the guards too! after all the work is done ill be spraying it in a Suzuki Boulevard Motorbike candy orange with a jet back bonnet with the current uras kit and s15 uras front bar. ill post some pic's during the build and after its all done. Thanks again for all the help
  11. Hey all, about to start planning/preparing a S15 conversion for the car, I'm an ex panel beater so i'll be doing all the work myself. Just wondering if anyone out there that has done it before could give me any suggestions to make the job easier, such as getting a s15 radiator support? i know i need the headlights, front bar and bonnet but is it neccessary to buy the s15 conversion front guards or can you modify the stock s13 one's to fit the lights? does the s15 bonnet fit in the s13 hole or is there a conversion bonnet? Any help/suggestions would be a great help Anyone know of someone selling a conversion kit?
  12. Just wondering if anyone knows if there are any tuners that do nistune or similar remaps in brisbane/north brisbane area? looking to upgrade from the safc and get some 550cc's + a Z32 AFM... any help greatly appreciated!
  13. is this a defect

    the number plate can be mounted anywhere on the front bar of the vehicle as long as it is visible from a 30 degree radius in front of the car so if its mounted on the left kerbside you must be able to see it from 30 degrees to the right of the car and vise versa. I got pulled over with my number plate mounted on the lower driver's side of the front bar and the cop explained the laws reguarding number plate fitment and correct mounting positions, i think this is the same between nsw and qld , not too sure about the other state's and territories laws. In the original picture you posted, Judging by the front bar design the airflow to the intercooler wouldn't be interrupted by the number plate being where it is because the front bar on your car is designed to pick up the air lower to the ground and direct it to the "mouth" where the intercooler is positioned, and create downforce. Hope this helps
  14. Power levels, S13 Sr20det

    The car already has cusco fully adjustables in it, thanks to the previous owner Also has a Shimmed R200 LSD and a 600hp Exedy Organic Clutch EBC is a good idea though, maybe a HDI item or another Profec B I was quite happy with the last one. The car's basically a daily driver with the odd weekend track day and a run down the 1/4 for shi*s and giggles. Wouldnt mind turning it into a drifter, maybe i should look at an oil cooler and bigger radiator?
  15. Power levels, S13 Sr20det

    lol just looking for ideas... suggestions for the $1100 ??? ras $60 cams $350- $500 remap $400 what happens to the other $1100 bit off on your budgetting skills