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  1. Isn't that the basis of every argument?
  2. You would have to know how Holden is structured internally to know what division the funds go to. The Motorsport division may be plenty profitable and not require funding at all, it is probably dealt with as a separate entity under the Holden badge and therefore appears as a different entry in the books. Yes it all falls under the Holden banner but Im guessing the division causing the losses is the manufacturing division and this is where the money is needed. You would think that one side bails out the other, but Im not sure if Holden operate like that, would need clarification from Holden finance It seems sad that market perceptions can have a such a drastic effect on the lives of many. It is easy to look at this from a larger consumerist/capitalist perspective and yes markets operate like that over time and correct themselves. However we operate in the now and no one wants to try and live in the depression. I understand its a part of the global cycle, doesnt mean its a good thing. Anyone thinking that the mass loss of jobs is a good thing and the market repercussions wont hit them is deluded and sounds like someone who has watched too many YouTube videos or fresh out of their 1st year business degree (not pointing fingers, this statement is in reference to general comments from news.com.au) Not picking fights here but callous statements basically saying 'sucked in you backed the wrong horse, my manufacturer of choice does it better' really don't help the situation or address the problem. These seem to be the norm in the current news coverage comments It baffles my mind that people don think the fallout from 3 car manufacturers failing will impact their own lives
  3. How does that put food on the table for those 1,000's of workers? Everyone knows the mining industry is not sustainable, so thats a short term solution. When the car makers and mining are gone from Australia we are going to have a lot of half skilled workers twiddling their thumbs. Possibly looking at YOUR job
  4. COD: Black Ops 2

    I wondered if i left this a few months whether it would be fixed by the time i get back to it. Seems the opposite. I've played probably 10 hours over the last 2 days and haven't gotten a single decent game. The lag issue seems worse than ever. NAT type is open so no issue there. Just seems that the Treyarch ones suck sooo much worse. done with this, fail game
  5. The 'Alloytec' is made at Fishermans bend along with a few other GM motors. And the opening post is incorrect. The Cruze Hatch is the one made overseas. The sedan is made locally
  6. Technology Giants

    scheme of the world we are ants to these corporations. Our turnover on some of these items would be as large as some of the dealers in the states. I dont think they care, so we keep stealing, shouldnt hit their line too much
  7. The movie heads-up thread

    The Omega Man is what I Am Legend is based on correct? thanks for this thread btw,
  8. things that annoy you

    Its compression. its a technique used to make the ads louder. your TV should have a 'normalise volume' function to even it out. This is likely due to having a poor quality center channel speaker, poorly calibrated 5.1 system, or your player is set up for 5.1 delivery but no 5.1 speakers are attached. if you tell your DVD player to use stereo output only, its likely to fix the problem by playing the center channel (dialogue) through the left and right channels in a mix. Compression on the ads and dynamic range on the movies. The movies sound like good sound should, the ads are clipped to buggery. Just like modern pop/hip hop music vs classic rock. Things that annoy me - loudness war
  9. What was the volume difference between Bunnings and 1 man band?
  10. Its not just the retail you see its the background. Lets say Total Tools close down because everyone buys their Drills online. You've lost not just the physical stores and staff tied to that company but also the Tool companies that sell to it. Gone are Account Managers, Marketing, Customer Service, Service centre, logistics, warehousing. Without the multiple outlets there is less requirement for human capital not just within the retail outlet but everyone effected by its closure. If you buy from overseas that comes out of another departments budget - yes that department will grow but not with local jobs. Jobs may appear overseas, but not here. I think we all know the state of our talent loss to overseas. Retail is not a closed loop, while only 1 million untrained staff rely on it, its the business', the suppliers that sell through that will have the hard time. You need to think of how many companies operate within Australia that risk closing down because their channel doesn't exist. While yes, the brand remains, the local contingent has no use. Thats a hell of a lot more people than 1 million. How many suppliers from Total Tools do you think there are, 1000? How many people do those 1000 suppliers employ, how many of them wont be needed if their channel closes? Thats not a number taken into account during these discussions. While, RETAILERS BRING NOTHING TO OUR ECONOMY, SO OUR ECONOMY WILL LOSE NOTHING WHEN THEY ARE GONE may hold some water, its an industry, an industry with many components, not just the shop floor. Think beyond your immediate self and what you know, think bigger and think of how that trails down to your job. Any effect on any sized industry is felt through a population of 23million
  11. Drills - what's good?

    Possibly a NiCad battery as opposed to the Li Ion that Dewalt use now. I also managed to score a Dewalt 24V with a couple batteries for not too much, helps to know the tool shop guys though The only time Bunnings have ever had a 'sale' was when they had way to much stock of deleted and obsolete product
  12. Drills - what's good?

    Didnt think Stanley made Black and Decker anymore, was pretty much a dead end of their business. Id go Panasonic, Hitachi, Milwaukee, Makita and at a push Dewalt These are tools and brands that bit makers use to test and demo product so should be good enough for round the house
  13. Thanks Chappy, reinforcing everything ive said. Everyone talking about not getting service at stores as an excuse for not buying from them can pretty much rule that out. It is something not needed at all and if that is the only competitive advantage a store front offers then they have no chance. Ill clarify again, not saying we shouldn't buy online, will just hate to see what happens when some of the retailers start disappearing and the knock on effect to the economy and perhaps the job that you currently sit in?
  14. What other service can you offer in a clothing store? Keeping in mind money is tight because the operating margin is low as f**k. There is no competitive advantage on some goods, most retail is just whats in stock at the right price. People talk of service, but the idea of service is having someone there behind the counter smiling - what else can we expect. Ive been to plenty of stores where the service at least equals that of shopping online (nothing) Bricks and mortar have nothing to offer. The cost associated with running is huge so they will always lose on price. The service isnt there as they dont have money to pay staff so they take unskilled retards who just have to work as part of the dole scheme, inventory will be next to nill as they dont have the cash to spend on holding stock that doesnt sell. Not disagreeing with anyone's posts in here, just going to be shocking when a huge chunk of the market changes - while the consumer wins i don't think the economy will Interesting post above about courier companies popping up. could be a real growth industry, just hope it doesnt turn into a duopoly like our current grocery market. I wonder if a massive courier industry will take the place of the retail market?
  15. Its completely obvious why the cost of retail products is more than online - Rent - Staff - Inventory I have no problem with the fact that the things are easier and cheaper to buy online. But which of the above do the bricks and mortar slash to remain competitive and what industries does that have a flow on effect for? Margins are high to cover these Rent - property market dies even more in the arse, real estate agents and construction industry and relegated to residential. Downsizing of these industries Staff- what job are the uni students and and high school students going to go into while putting themselves through higher education? Possible slow down of higher education sector and overall education level in Australia meaning less competitive on the global scale. What do we do with the unskilled workforce that cant get a job on the retail floor? Higher unemployment rate and increase in tax's to compensate. Inventory - Logistic companies down the gurgler. Yes some of this can be taken up in the fact that AusPost will be run of its feet trying to deliver the product to the individual customer. Warehousing need decrease (see rent), reduction in range and supply rate, downward spiral. The number of Aussie companies will shrink as our dollar goes overseas to grow their business. Management positions are few and far between, less to share in the money-go-round, the price of luxury imported goods goes up as a result of decrease in demand meaning higher shipping and supply rates. Service industry boom as people realise this is the only industry that cant be exported, huge jump in competition reducing prices to unsustainable margins, only way to remain competitive is join forces to increase service levels and support power, creation of monopoly. China's cost of production goes up as it become more westernised, production moves to other 3rd world country. Huge amount of unskilled laborers in China, unsustainable economy - collapse of the largest economy in the world. Share market crash, global recession, food stamps
  16. I don't think people realize how large the retail sector is and what the multiplier effect will look like on the rest of the economy should it collapse
  17. In a few centuries when an alien race discovers earth destroyed by its own population, they will hunt through our history on the remaining super computers (Apple iphones 3 feet tall) and tell the story of how Christianity was once a dominate religion and then taken over by Atheism. The Atheist bible (facebook page) will show how slowly they broke down the Christians religious beliefs with memes
  18. What headphone do you use?

    And late night listening? Ive only heard Beats once, they were just overblown with bass, i assumed this was what fans of Dr Dre would like and suspected that was the target market. Lots of far superior 'phones for the same price that portray other music better, but i reckon if you love bass the Beats would fill the void. Or maybe something from Sony's 75mm driver line up?
  19. What headphone do you use?

    I'm now rocking Audio Technica ESW-10. Compared to the AKG 701's i had before they are alright, obviously a smaller soundstage but the bass has more weight to it. Bass was always a complaint with the 701's but a good headamp helps a lot Portable i picked up some Sennheiser CX175 thingies, they arent to bad. Better than the CX-300's i had
  20. COD: Black Ops 2

    Ah, someone hasn't finished the campaign tsk tsk
  21. COD: Black Ops 2

    I hate Avenged Sevenfold
  22. COD: Black Ops 2

    Went back to playing Borderlands 2 - head shots are so rewarding! will revisit BOP2 after the first update or when people stop complaining about lag
  23. COD: Black Ops 2

    With you on sucking I hate saying this everytime one of these games come out, but i like the old one better Is there anypoint playing this until the first update comes out? Can get onto matches and then laggy as f**k. Same thing happened when MW3 launched. Took a few weeks before it was playable Other things i dont like, everything feels thin, and guns feel like they lack power. Feels like im holding a pencil and shooting little lines