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  1. herd this on the radio this morning Police have confiscated the cars of two men, one a P-plater, caught street racing at speeds of up to 145km/h in Sydney's south. Highway patrol officers pulled over the pair in Sutherland about 9.45pm (AEST) on Tuesday, after they accelerated away from a set of lights at the intersection of the Princes Highway and Rawson Ave. One, a 19-year-old P2 provisional driver in a Nissan Pintara, reached speeds of up to 130km/h in the 80km/h zone. The other, driving a Nissan Skyline, was clocked at 145km/h, police said. Both men had their licences cancelled and cars confiscated on the spot. The Pintara driver, from Lugarno, has been issued with a court attendance notice for street racing and speeding. The 22-year-old Skyline driver, from Balgownie, was also issued with a field court attendance notice for the same offences. Both will appear in Sutherland Local Court on June 18.
  2. Photos photos and more photos!

    who owns the blue s15 that thing if f**kING SEXY !
  3. **Spotted Thread**

    Spotted s14 freek doing 200 clicks on Bangor bypass n doing 360's at the same time. actually he was going about 60 n driveing guite straight just thought id make it sound more interesting
  4. **Spotted Thread**

    spotted s14freek in a ford fiesta
  5. Wheel Alignment

    Shire Tires in sutherland did a good job on my s13 only cost me $68
  6. What fuel do you use ?

    been useing mobile 8000 getting it least 50 more K;s then BP ultimate
  7. Window Tinting

    how much do they charge for "midnight express" they advertise it on the radio all the time any one called em up and got a price from them ?
  8. f**k thatt ! hate seeing this shit happen at least no one keyed a dick on your car tho !
  9. doing a swap

    Yea thats right my bad the 180 had a ca18DET does that mean i have to change the loom ?
  10. some one keyed a penis on my s13

    Got a some one to sand it back and just go over it with mat black, now i just have a big black square on it lol, Yea i do i need to drive into mascot every morning in peak hour traffic yep its my daily
  11. doing a swap

    Hey guys im thinking about getting a 180 sx shell ( 200 sx s13 ) and putting all my parts in it from my S13 silvia (sr20) The 180 was a Turbo SR 20 , has any one done a swap like this, if so did you have any problems ? after getting rear ended, getting a dick keyed on my car and hitting a gutter its not reli worth fixing up my s13 cheaper to get a shell would everything fit in the 180 from my s13 with out any drama's ? whats the go ? is there anything i should no before i go ahead with this ? Your help is much appreciated,
  12. car vandals in shire

    hey mate ive had the same thing happen i live in sutherland had a BIG dick on keyed on my bonnet (black s13) And i had to drive to work (to mascot) every day with it view pics and story here - http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.p...p;#entry4887802 also had a hit n run - http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.p...p;#entry4869328
  13. keyed

    whats with everyone's car getting keyed ! bro it least its not a penis ay
  14. Bike destroyed my s13 !

    wrecked the rear bar, beaver panel , boot lid and whole rear quarter panel lol Alot of dmg for one hit still no word from this guy guess its comeing out of my pocket
  15. if i get the penis out from the front of my car ill come