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  1. Easy as conversion, need r33 handbrake cables, use r33 hub with drum handbrake etc, all just bolts in, I had braided lines to suit stock brakes, these fitted straight in, can't comment on bmc as I swapped the r33 one in at the same time
  2. I have r33 rear brakes with standard front calipers on my s14, using r33 non abs bmc, pedal feel is spot on, I think it's mainly the bias that is different
  3. Hey , so been on here for a while, had my S14 for nearly two years, this is what it looked like when i bought it came with R32 GTR rims, trust T517z turbo, apexi front mount, Tanabe coilovers, and a veilside turbo back exhaust, orc clutch got it home, chucked on some 18's, clarion dvd head unit, drove for a little while before it broke This is the only decent shot of have with these 18's on, with a mates 32 GTR replaced leaking water pump, failed alternator then started cleaing it up took it to a commodore drag day(can't be picky in Tas lol) was put in turbo 6 class, and won ha ha 13.8@165km/h then it started to play up, chased a running problem for a while, got over it so didn't touch it for a while after a few months sorted the problem, was just happy driving it, then the turbo died funds were a bit tight so fitted up a hypergear tr28kai, great support from these guys , and some GKTech braided lines car was driving great then, didn't go quite as well as the trust turbo, but was running reliably then the gearbox started to get noisy, kept on driving it for a while, but then it got a bit too noisy lol, pulled the box out to find my orc clutch worn-out so a new clutch was needed, also a flywheel as the orc one was distorted popped in an Extreme chromoly flywheel and motorsports clutch kit, had gearbox rebuilt with a few new bits car kept running for 6 months or so trouble free, until....................spun big end pulled the motor out and took sump off to see how things looked, cranks was in suprisingly good nick, considering the bearings!! cleaned it up and put a set of ACL race bearings in everything seemed to be going ok after this, so could finally do a few other things got rid of the 18's and just ran with the GTR wheels fitted up a Topstage front lip, and some Tuneagent camber and toe arms(Thanks to SP Garage), subframe lock kit, alloy radiator and generally tidying things up the previous owner had an alarm sort of installed, well his install was wire it in, then cable tie all up under the steering column, considering it was a remote start alarm, there were quite a few wires!! pulled the whole thing out along with the turbo timer and crappy old gauges that were in there then moved battery to the boot, and fitted a Velo Race seat, and some different mirrors then a GKTech exhaust that brings it up to current, where i have just fitted some Navan side skirts and pods (thanks to J-Imports) also has some 18x8.5 and 18x9.5's on it so here are a few shots of how it sits today

  5. S14 series 1, -----------SOLD----------------

    need this gone, have found another car i want
  6. I have for sale my Australian delivered S14 200SX I have owned this car for 6 years, during which time nearly every part on the car has been improved or replaced, I have lost the passion for what this car was built for, so I have decided to sell to allow someone else to make use of this car, nothing needs doing to the car, all the hard work is done, its a great car, but unfortuneatly no longer suits my lifestyle, I can't take my 4 year old daughter in it, nor will i drive it on unsealed roads. The last two events i have competed in the car has won best presented vehicle, I have taken pride with everything I have done to this car. With over 50k spent over the 6 years i have owned it, I feel asking 18k for it is a bargain. Modifications include: Engine: Rebuilt approx 4,00kms ago Engine was built by Forced Motorworx in Dandenong Vic Has forged pistons and rods, new genuine water and oil pumps, Arp rod bolts and mains, Cometic head gasket, balanced bottom end Reconditioned head with new guides etc, with BC step 2 cams, adjustable cam gears, rocker stoppers, new genuine rocker cover gasket, 7 layer exhaust gasket and Arp head studs. Uses an Apexi front mount intercooler, the exhaust is custom made with v-band dump pipe, tucked up underneath for max clearance. Nismo 740cc injectors, GKtech throttle wheel, Turbosmart FPR1200 pressure reg, GT3076r turbo, on a powertune ceramic coated high mount manifold, Tial 44mm wastegate. Splitfire coil packs, GKtech remote oil filter setup. Driveline: Has a extreme motorsports clutch and flywheel which was balanced with the crank when engine was built. A Forced Motorworx adaptor kit was used to fit the R33 gearbox, which has a brand new genuine slave cylinder with GKtech braided clutch line. The kit also included new gearbox mount and new custom made 1 piece tail shaft using brand new uni joints and yokes. Suspension: Brand new BC BR coilovers with adjustable camber tops in front, front strut brace GKtech castor rods, Tune agent rear camber and toe arms, super-pro subframe lock bushes Have lock spacers to suit but not fitted Brakes: Front R33 GTR rotors, using GKtech caliper spacer, Bendix SRT brake pads Rear is R32 setup, using 2 piston caliper and larger rotor, converted to drum handbrake using R33 handbrake cables and braided lines front and rear. The master cylinder is an R33 non ABS with new hardlines made in engine bay which run along crossmember out of site. Body and interior: Has genuine Navan (Nissan Factory Option) side skirts and rear pods with a Top Stage front lip, clear front indicators in front bar, the bonnet is carbon fibre but have standard also. Has a japanese made carbon fibre air guide over radiator support Series 2 tail lights, surge tank in boot made with aluminium hardline and aeroflow fittings Has a Bosch 040 in tank pump with an 044 external pump, all rubber mounted to minimize noise. The battery is also relocated to the boot, running 2 gauge cable and circuit breaker. There is a genuine Nardi deep corn steering wheel on a quick release Has a clarion 7" fold out screen, with component speakers in doors, 6x9's in parcel shelf all running off a clarion 5 channel amp A Turbosmart eboost street electronic boost controller is in dash along with gauges for boost, oil temp, oil pressure, water temp and an autometer air/fuel ratio wide band gauge. Misc: While engine was out being built, the engine bay was stripped and painted Holden Atomic green, the fuse box and wiring was relocated to the glovebox, this neatened up the engine bay considrably, a custom oil catch can was fabricated along with relocating the power steering resovoir. There is an alloy radiator with BA falcon thermo fans fitted to it, and all coolant hoses were replaced with quality silicone hoses, all intercooler hose joins were replaced with Turbosmart hoses and new clamps. The wheels are Rota Grid 17x9.5 +12 all round, with brand new Federal RSR tyres on the front and supercat tyres on the rear. Price is $18,000 Offers will be considered, but no low balls, swaps will be considered but only if it's a vehicle I am interested in, don't be offended if i don't want your car. No test drives, you can drive it when you own it, plates won't be sold with the car Call or msg on 0417517682 or email sssturbo@internode.on.net
  7. i ran a hillclimb at the weekend, with some fresh rsr's on, was a rained soaked event, must say i am impressed with the rsr's! good grip from cold, no understeer at all, even with a locked diff, unfortunately i haven't ran any of the other tyres before, also came 3rd in class, so wasn't taking it too easy
  8. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    wow. just. wow
  9. Froggz S15 Jap Import.

    i thought that at first too, think he might mean the coolant line is leaking and there is the evidence, hopefully lol
  10. suuuuuuuurrrreeeeelllyyyy nissan can program the ecu to suit your car, single use ecu's haven't been used for very long (only last few years)
  11. mate of mine has an s15 making around 280kw, still has stock box, been like it for a year or so, like bling said, hows your driving style?
  12. Where to get music on Android

    i use an app called download mp3, easy to use
  13. s14a dori project .....Sil80 reshelling

    just buy a 14mm drill bit and get someone to spin the end down in a lathe, i have done this many times, would take 2 mins
  14. New tailshaft. 1 piece or 2 piece. S14.

    i have a one piece shaft in my s14, with 25 box, no probs here
  15. i know about knock detection, just didn't sound like knock ears or anything was used on the road, something i don't like the sound of
  16. rFactor Project D PC drift Simulator

    ^^^^haven't heard of fanatec then
  17. just curious, how do you do timing when road tuning?
  18. i'm keen too, i like that they aren't black
  19. Gran Turismo 6 announced

    i did that cheat last week, worked then, the latest update (couple days ago) must have stopped it, i have bought most of the cars i want, all modded etc and have 13.5 mill left, once you get in to the international a class racing, a win gets you 70k anyway, so won't take long to get cash
  20. Haltech vs Power FC vs Nistune

    it does have an auto tune function, the best thing with the wideband controller is you can command a certain afr for closed loop running ( light throttle etc) so it will trim the fuel to achieve ideal afr when cruising, great for economy
  21. s14 236kw allrounder

    just put a 25 box in my s14, wired up speedo to 25 sender, speedo has never been more accurate, i do run 4.08 diff though
  22. Gran Turismo 6 announced

    it is def better than gt5, handling is way improved, gt5 used to shit me, as in yanking on steering wheel at 50km/h would have understeer, with race tyres!! gt6 is heaps better in this way, car sounds are still a bit shit, better than 5 though. New tracks are good, been smashing bathurst, 1200 cars or what ever they have, apart from 2013 models they all seem the same as gt5
  23. Xbox One

    battlefield 3 was a shit tonne better than cod, yet my mates won't play it, they stick to cod in ending battlefield 4 is better than bf3, so get bf4