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  1. Type X with 5 stud Conversion

    Did u get a RWC check with the new car, cuz if you did I'd be making phone calls. On a side note i think I say fyjosh driving through mitchm on the w/e
  2. Painting inside S15 Headlights

    just remember you will loose the silvia writing inside the headlights, but that if u care.
  3. So i guess maybe 215/50s or 225/50 may be a better choice. So has any1 used the above, although I suspect the 225 may be a little wide for a standard s15 rim.
  4. Yes that would look gay
  5. Hey has anyone put 215/45 16 on stock S15 wheels. I know the rolling diameter is only a litle bit smaller, just want see pics/experiences if any1 has any. Cheers
  6. See that there was a Ford driver!!!
  7. s15 dash conversion

    Everytime I sit in my S15, I think geez this dash looks outdated and plasticy, I don't why people like em so much.
  8. Its a fair bit of effort to do, but you can do it yourself. You gotta take em off, bake em in the oven, crack em open without breaking em, polish the sh*t out of it, put it back toghether, clamp em with extra sealant, put em back in the oven, then put em back on the car all this w/o creating a leaking lense. 80 to 100 bux is pretty cheap, not sure why you would waste your time for such little cash for so much effort.
  9. your favourite tyre choice

    Kuhmos are best bang for buck
  10. Buying an S15

    I'm guessing he just wants to make sure its not stolen or of those write-off rebirths, but kinda hard to tell by his post. Its a recent import, not gonna get much more history since it was all lost in the boat ride over here.
  11. S15 flywheel

    +1:) just as they got older they get pretty crap, but probably the same with any other flywheel.
  12. LENSO Wheels

    cheap - Ozzy Racing expensive (to me anyway) - Enkei Note I went to even cheaper CSA wheels (only like 220 each for an 18) after that since I wanted a full matching set, they were heavy but that model was Made in Australia (my GF gutter rashed one). I'm happy with stock atm on my S15, no more hassells.
  13. LENSO Wheels

    In my experiance, if you hit a reasonable sized pot holes, them wheels are going to break (especially with a 35 profile tyre). I initially bought cheap wheels, went over train track and one cracked. then i bought expensive wheels, hit a reasonable pothole (it was dark and wet and no street lighting) and it bent. Either way, the rims needed reaplacing (couldn't be fixed). I'd rather replace 2 cheap wheels than one expensive wheel, especially since both times the wheels were a different batch and hence slightly different. But note don't buy cheap tyres, just go with say mediocor priced rim with a a good quality set of tyres. Lenso I'd say are ok choice, tyres well there are heaps out there, but i have found Kuhmos (I had Ku31s) very good bang for your buck, but spend more and shop around if you can.
  14. https://www.uniquecarsandparts.com.au/direc...PDF.php?id=4096 the above came up in the first google search Its called 'Lilydale Brake and Clutch Service'
  15. Hey has any1 got picks of the stoock S15 wheels with spacers and a lowered a little (on an s15). Also if anyone has put different tyre widths to stock (or profile) those pics are welcome too